Account help needed @deca


Hello, i had an account that was hacked like 1 week before the 3 security questions were introduced and my email got hacked first and i realized that so i deleted my paypal and the hacker took my rotmg account it had 5 chars a legendary pet and was 57/56 stars and so i contacted deca but they only replied with false details even tho they were right and they also asked me to send them my last purchase but i couldn’t because the hacked sold the account and then the person who bought it changed the name and all so i dont have the last 3 purchases. could someone help me? only proof i have is mule dump and i still remember still a lot about the account. (This is my friends account that i am on)


RealmEye is not run by DECA.
We don’t even know if DECA even views this forum.
Please use the proper methods for contacting DECA.


If you bought gold from DECA, check your e-mail, there will be a receipt from deca (if you got your email back)


Did the person who bought the account change the email too?


not the place to go for support, since realmeye is a 3d party rotmg site, and it’s not run by the realm devs.

There should be a “support” button on the home screen when you boot up realm, just click that and send them an email


Phone: We’re sorry, but the service you’re looking for is not available at the location you are in right now. Please contact DECA Support through the link

Also. please add punctuation. It helps a lot. :slight_smile: