Adobe Flash Player doesn't save my settings when I open it again

  • Computer Operating System: Windows 10
  • Where you play: Flash Player
  • Your browser: Chrome
  • The version of Adobe Flash you have installed: 32

Title: When I close my game, then reopen it later, it doesn’t save my settings or login. This is really annoying: is there any fix to it?


Try right clicking RotMG on the title screen to bring up the flash context menu then hit settings. Once on settings, navigate to Local Storage option and check the Allow box. I’m unsure if this would be the issue or not, but it’s worth a try. If this does not fix the problem then try switching to playing in Flash Projector. A guide can be found here.


As a side note: I also experience this type of issue myself. It behaves predictably, however, as every time something opens up Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer on my computer my RotMG settings will be wiped. Do you use this browser inadvertently without realizing it?


There are various things that could cause this. The settings are saved in a file, and this can fail for a number of reasons.

  • out of disc space (highly unlikely as it’s a tiny file)
  • you don’t have permission – a school computer might not let you save settings for example
  • it’s being deleted, by e.g. anti-virus software, cache cleaning software, or your browser
  • something else is deleting it, such as a virus

The file is a .sol file, a Flash settings file, if you want to look at your tools in case anything might be deleting/cleaning up such files.


Thanks! I’m too scared to try, but I think this’l do it!


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