Among all the items that you use, which one is your least favourite?


This not about items you only use because you don’t have a better one, but rather about items that make say “screw those 10% extra dps, I hate this”

For me its a tie between colo sword and the t6 orb. The colo sword is annoying because you miss so many shots and have to stand in a specific spot where you can’t even use your ability as a knight. The t6 orb is so annoying because you have to aim away from the enemy and you always end up stasising things you don’t want to stasis.


Agree on the T6 Orb, though for me, it’s mostly cause you have to keep using it every 3 seconds. But the Mystic tweaks probably won’t bee released for a while yet…

Aside from that, before my Sorc died, I wasn’t quite a fan of actually using Abomination’s Wrath. It just wasn’t that worth it.


Any scepter that isn’t related to honey.


I would say spirit staff, it has a frustrating shot pattern and serves no purpose at all. However, the question is “out of all the items you use, which is your last favorite?”, and I don’t use spirit staff at all. If we include that restriction I think I’d say plane, I don’t like the teleporting effect most of the time.

I may have a better answer later


Recently I was lucky enough to get a Etherite dagger for my trickster and I think it plays really bad. It feels like I am missing 90% of my shots due to its wavy pattern and crappy range. It’s the same problem I have with the spirit dagger and that wavy shot pattern. A foul just feels so much better to use for me.

The weird thing is is that I don’t even mind the shot pattern of colossus sword to much. You stand still with knight alot more than with trickster I guess so the shot pattern isn’t to much of a problem.


lol thats weird. I liked both etherite and spirit dagger’s shot pattern much better than the usual t12 dagger. I really really hate the shooting pattern tiered dagger such as foul


I hate my dirk. The lucky power doesn’t works every time


I don’t really hate any of the items i use because if i hated them, i wouldn’t be using them


Leaf bow because it can’t pierce enemies. Only time I use it is for buffing ents.


Conducting Wand. If I have one I might carry it, but the use cases for it are marginal. It’s for when there is no need for piercing, so when there’s only one enemy, and a little more damage would help. But that comes up so rarely it’s barely worth swapping for. Also it gives +4 wis, good for another sceptre use.

But mostly I carry a wand of St Abrahams instead. It has the +4 wis, and doesn’t pierce. It has less DPS but with +1 range has far more uses, and against many enemies is deadlier as you can get it shots from a safer range more reliably.


ST skull. It might just be me but I just hate it’s lack of any heal…


Jugg. Not because it’s bad (it’s broken) but because it’s so good that it makes the game incredibly boring to play.


Ok unpopular opinion time. I’d say, for the most part, HP rings. Unless I’m playing on Knight, Warrior or a Trickster with Leaf armor and Dancing prism, I just don’t enjoy using HP rings. Because my personal philosophy is that the best ring for any class is a ring which accentuates that classes already strong points or it’s necessary points. Like a speed ring on a Paladin, or an attack ring on a Ninja, or an MP ring on an Assassin/Priest. Ok, you guys can bash me now for hating on HP rings.


Tbh I main it on necro whenever I have it. I love it that much. Because to me, the lack of heal and HP bonus can be easily mitigated with a max Leg or higher pet.


I don’t own one at he moment, but I’d say edictum praetoris, the shots are weird to aim and it has a low fire rate so I don’t like it much

However, differently from other people, I’m just fine with t6 orb. Maybe because I’m a mystic main and therefore used to it, I rarely “miss stasis” something


I’d say edictum too because the shot pattern is garbage and it does too little dps for how little it lands shots, unfortunately it’s needed to complete the set.


I hate every one of the Halloween and Christmas T11 reskins. I can’t abide stupidly large, silly sprites for shots.

If I had to pick one: I’d rather use a Staff of Horrors than a Staff of Carols or whatever it’s called.


bard be like am i a joke to you


I hate tiered bows. I just do


Tiered daggers are just unimpressive