Among all the items that you use, which one is your least favourite?


Nice topic.
I have not much tolerance for items that I strongly dislike, I simply won’t use them (eg. alien weapons because the projectiles cause me pain to see, Fallen Wand/Cutlass owing to range, many/most ST weapons, lots more examples I won’t bore you with.

So of the things that I do use:
Qot QoT’s loooong cooldown, especially when you miss, makes it frustrating to use. :expressionless:
Katanas All Katanas are just too long range, how they originally were designed made ninja more fun since it forced going glass cannon so much more than now, and without that feel it lost a deal of its uniqueness compared to daggers. Bring back 4.2 as the base range!
Ray kat Ray Katana in particular is so dumb unnecessary long range. 6.12 tiles wtf, that’s a wand. Why should my fat samurai be able to hit O2 from safety with over 900HP, 55DEF and 6+ range. Although I do it, ofc.
Decades Decades - symbolises many things that are wrong with the game (duping, HP bloat) but of course it’s OP so I feel compelled to use it if I’m going somewhere threatening.
Legacy Twi Legacy Twilight - I’ve now constant envy of the new&better non-legacy version; has soured using this.


Ha Ha Ha !

On a more serious note, 4.2 range was just too short. That’s less than a CSword! It’s ridiculous! If anything, the Katanas’ range increase saved them from staying mediocre compared to the other classes!


I almost forgot how much I hated this item on release. Why there should be a tradeable item that directly powercreeps ubhp is beyond me.


I always disliked using geb book cause it just feels like a worse puri. Heals a lot less than puri for same mana cost and if I wanted a speedy effect I could just swap to t6 for less mana. It’s a good item just would rather have puri


I get it that you would prefer to use puri, but I’d assume that many people who use geb book do so because they don’y have a puri. Geb book is much more easily obtainable, it can be traded for, it can be found in mystery ST chests, but for a puri. you NEED to farm manors or quest chests until you get one.


yeah, geb tome is the tradeable andd worse verison of puri


Exactly, its for those who havent gotten lucky enough, but can afford to buy a purifying tome.
I recently got both geb book and puri, and i will use the puri before i use the geb book


But that’s why a lot of people don’t like it.

First off, the ST shouldn’t be directly inferior to a white

Secondly, there’s no reason to just create a budget version of a white that has the same effect. If it’s a seperate tome, it should have a seperate unique effect.


I for one fed my puri after getting a geb tome. Why? For a simple reason: puri heals, but it does not give the healing status effect to nearby players.

Whenever I play priest, I’m usually maining prot. If I take a random status effect like slowed, I can just walk it off, using the tome’s large heal and armored capabilities to survive any nearby minions. However, if I’m armor broken or sick, I much prefer to use puri/geb, since those are harder to walk off while enemies are wailing away on you. If armor broken, it doesn’t really matter which of the two you use, unless you’ve already taken huge amounts of damage. If sick, though, geb is far superior, since the heal is applied before the status effect removal, while geb’s healing status effect is applied after, meaning it is the only one that will help. Also, +5 def is cool.

I should also be noted that I often use priest for solo/small group play and rarely as a designated support class. What I’ve described above is also definitely personal preference, and I see why other people like puri more.


Acclaim. I mainly use cutlass, because it does more damage up until 93 defense. The only thing the acclaim has going for it is its extra .2 range


Pretty much. I don’t have many items that I dislike using. Or I just can’t think of one that I dislike that isn’t just cause it ‘better’ in a sense

I see I am dumb and didnt read it’s not about upgrades aswell lol



I am usually forced to use it because I have no other rings.
Sure, 110 HP, 110 MP and 6 speed. It’s not a terrible ring, which is why I use it.
But, it doesn’t directly help with your DPS (unless you damage with your ability). And usually for classes that doesn’t rely heavily on MP, this is just a nerfed crown.
And, it usually looks terrible with the set (except for very few cases, but I don’t have nil.)


Petition to bring back void potato


Let’s keep this alive fam


I hate doom bow. I’ve wanted it to lose its pierce for years so it’s less of a generalist bow and more suited to single target damage, but I carry it anyway because kabam and deca both love giving enemies ungodly amounts of defence so tiered bows do nothing.


Shameless plug for my idea to swap the niche of the tiered bows and that of Void Bow’s, in order to keep the tiereds more consistent and make the Void Bow better fit with its set, which allows for a more close-range playstyle due to the defensive stats, while giving it armor piercing to make it stronk.
Too bad that the tiered items won’t get a rework until like, 2023…


feels like a necro-post but didn’t they tease something about buffing tiered daggers way back (like probably a year ago now)???


That’s the point of the ring though? Sourcestone is a great ring on classes that would benefit more from extra mana than extra dps, for example trickster or assassin. Classes that don’t benefit from the extra mana of course you’d rather run crown or deca. The +6 speed is also great for rushing classes like trickster. Stat and value-wise 110 HP, 110 MP, 6 spd is definitely very strong and almost overstatted compared to more standard rings like deca or pyra. HP is so overvalued in this game that I’d definitely take sourcestone over other mana rings like bracer.

Plus it’s downright sexy paired with nil.


Ninja themed set looks yummy


using sourcestone on paladin should be a crime though…I can’t believe how many times I’ve seen this