An honest, thoughtful discussion regarding UTs


That’s the price being quoted by a bot at the moment; multiple accounts but I block one and another one starts spamming later that day. Not tried the site to see whether it’s accurate, but they would be foolish to use an inaccurate price.


No, no, no, no, no. Pity timers turn an exciting event, a white bag drop of your most sought after UT, into a dull grind. Because that’s what you get if you replace a 1/500 chance of a Jugg with a Jugg after 500.

You want both random and guaranteed ? That though means many more drop, making them far more common, so you can’t have both. Not unless you make both much worse: something like 1/1000 chance, guaranteed after 1000.

The other issue is: if UTs why not other rare items. Set items, char and pet skins, rare and legendary eggs. All are about as rare as whites, so just as frustrating to collect. More so for set items, where you can be stuck with 3/4 of a set for a long time tracking down that last piece.

Should all of them have pity timers to keep track of, with only pots and tiered gear completely random? Logically yes, but it would change the game completely.


Eh, i’d find it more exciting that i know the next Hermit will give me a Jugg, other than expecting to get one from it.

I made an idea about a pity timer some months ago, i’d have to admit it received mixed responses, but i tried to make it not so OP, like, the pity timer isn’t transferred between characters, if you die on a specific character, the pity timer is lost, too, and stuff like that.


tbh, a pity timer would ruin my insane adrenaline high i get from rare bags. I once literally screamed and jumped up and slammed my ceiling from excitment. It literally felt like I was high. that same feeling wouldn’t happen again if I knew that the next bag was a white.


How about make a tinkerer quest for ut’s? like you need to get a certain marks to get that ‘‘ut item’’ ?


thats a really bad idea that makes getting whitebags less exciting. its just ticking boxes at that point.


Tradable uts would honestly make me quit the game since at that point uts wouldn’t be as limited and hard to get which is the one part of realm I enjoy ( getting whites out of nowhere ).


I think a better solution would be to slightly increase your chances of getting a white after every few bosses/events you do.


veeeeery slightly. i reckon it should take thousands of bosses for it to even hit a 10% increase because cumulative chance increase can get out of hand very quickly. it should reset after every white too. doesnt matter if its not the one you wanted, too bad.


That would certainly help a tiny bit, but I adding a very tiny increase seems like it won’t help very much for players who are unlucky enough to not get events whites over years. As for ones lucky enough to, it won’t matter.


A lot of the folks against UT trading/pity timer claim that it would ruin their sense of fun in obtaining UT’s.

Has no one ever considered the lack of fun players have due to the fact that they can not obtain the UT’s they wish to obtain?

Oh yeah, I’m against UT weekend. Dupers+RWT+rare items=shitfest


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