Animated Items


Holy shit, these are great dude!


This will be my last lil update here before I make a major compendium a few days from now!


The last one I swear


I would make the plane fade in like the first one but a little slower.
The st spell imo doesn’t need to be color changed and same with the wand.
Otherwise I really like these and they are awesome. Tbh should be animator for deca! :ok_hand:t3:


Yeah, I do like the simplicity of just green fading in and out.

Mainly changed the wand because it used to shoot rainbow projectiles and I wish it still did :frowning:


Ah I see I like this one :jack_o_lantern:


This is very cool, and I like it a lot, but considering the spaghet code, is it even possible to do this, also I suggest a menu where you can turn off the animations, for people whose computers might lag because of four animations like that, or like @scorchmist said, if it becomes to distracting, overall, I like this idea


I want to see glowing white bag


Here you go:

Subtle Glow

Constant Glow



They wouldn’t be shining constantly, probably just at a random timer between two or three seconds


Made a new one, I call it the ‘Bleeding Ogmur’ :


how’s that compendium getting along?


The latest one is basically an item idea I’ve had for a long time… You know how the conducting wand should ‘conduct’ energy, right? What if, it was filled to the brim with energy and couldn’t conduct any more? So I made a ‘Fully Conducted’ wand. I could make a whole thread on it on the Ideas > Weapons page (That’s a page, right?)


Compendium is taking a while. I’m working on a few big dungeon ideas right now as well so it probably won’t be done for a bit.


Cdirk is very nice
Rest are good


Malus skull is amazing. Actually they are all nice. But you can probably tell that I’m goign to comment on teh Skull of Corrupted Souls


It’s a cool idea. They look pretty good, but idk what exactly they would get used for. In my experience, most people turn down their graphic settings anyway. This would be one of the first things to go, as it adds little in the way of gameplay.

ALL THIS BEING SAID… They look really good, especially cdirk!


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