Anyone else getting this problem?



I think it has to do with the experimental Captcha feature that Deca is testing right now.


Aight yeah cool,just another day in the life of Deca not letting us play


first they complain when the game is too addictive, now they complain when deca is trying to save us


The moral of this is don’t do testing unless you’re prepared to occasionally put up with problems like this. I mean, other companies when they do testing have an entirely separate binary you download. Often it replaces the normal/release version so you simply can’t have both installed at once. Testing means uninstalling the main app first, and vice versa.

Deca though let you have both on your machine at once. Even worse they’re both accessed through the same launcher app. In theory this makes things easier. It does, until they introduce a change in the testing client that’s incompatible with the release client, such as requiring a captcha. Which means the launcher is also incompatible with testing.

Worst is the way they use testing, not just for testing but for previewing content, to give players easy access to endgame content and throwaway chars for practice, even contests with in-game rewards. Most of these would be much better done in the real game. Done in testing attracts normal players to testing who might be unaware of the risks and sometimes complexities of using pre-release software.

Yes, they released a separate testing launcher for this, which you’re supposed to use. But if you didn’t read that note, or even if you did, you might not realise this means not using the normal launcher for testing this time.


TLDR, you sign up for potentially experiencing bugs and other fun issues when you get the testing client. Sure it could be much better, but things like this are to be expected, unfortunately.


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