Axiom Church is recruiting!


Axiom Church

Formerly known as Reign of Terror. We are a steadily growing casual guild.

We are a US timezone guild. If you are not in the US, but are active within US times, you are free to join.

Our realmeye


  • The current use of a cheater/hacked client, RWT, notifiers, trackers, or any third part client to gain an unfair advantage is prohibited.
  • Discord activity and in-game activity are required
  • One (1) 8/8 with 5000 base fame (on one character) (or) 2 8/8s with 2500 Base fame each

How to apply:

Join the discord and send a message or add me at Quang#4038 .
Please have everything public on realmeye (location may be kept private)

Our discord also has a questions channel where you can talk with someone in the guild for general or specific questions.


If you want more potential recruits, I would put your discord tag (since you have one) and maybe main server (if you have one). You could also list officers/leaders in your guild just in case you’re not online. Best of luck.


Thanks - edited.


Axiom Church is still recruiting. Ever since the post of this thread many have joined and are active. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

edit: non-guild members are now able to see our chats and voice channels but do not have access to talk or join VC.


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