The endgame dungeon after the cultist hideout, with some original perks. Designed to be as, if not more difficult than the void. With the dungeon Azamoth I would like to introduce some original aspects to Realm of the Mad God. The dungeon can be accessed through an event boss, which we kind of haven’t decided that much of yet. But instead of dropping a portal, the Azamoth event boss drops something a little similar to what the Marble Colossus drops to enter the void. But instead of a vial to unlock it you need 5 elemental fragments, which can be obtained by defeating the cultists in the cultist lair. Each cultist has a change to drop their respective elemental fragment. All five of these must be used on the entry once the event boss dies. Each player can use a fragment, which means multiple players with fragments can all help open the dungeon.

Once inside you find yourself amongst countless of golems, some you might have seen in the Lost Halls but most of them are unique and many of them you have never seen before. Some of the golems are strong and powerful, but most of them are failed attempts by the cultists, banished to forever wander the endless ruins of Azamoth. Your objective here is to find all of your 5 elemental fragments scattered throughout the dungeon. You and your fellow heroes face off all types of different golems to find all five of the fragments. Each fragment inside of the dungeon functions the same way as the keys inside Davy Jones’ locker and appear on a tally at the top of your screen. Once all five are collected, you find your way to the boss portal, where the Archmagus of Azamoth awaits you.


The Archmagus of Azamoth is different to most bosses and wields the power of the elements. Each of these elements take up a fifth of the boss fight, and are divided into their respected “segments”. There are five segments throughout the boss fight.

  • the earth segment
  • the water segment
  • the fire segment
  • the darkness segment
  • the lightning segment.

The order of the segments are randomized, and the boss fight ends not when all of the boss’ hp is gone, but when each segment ends. Then the boss practically becomes a test chest for you to destroy. Although this may seem easier than an endgame boss fight such as the void entity, keep in mind that each segment is very difficult and tedious to complete. Each segment has its unique fighting style.

  • the earth segment is very defensive and the boss is invulnerable most of the time. You will have to defeat his minions in order to complete this segment.
  • the water segment fills the room up with water, be careful with this segment, because dying of suffocation is not a good way to go! You will have to destroy turrets to make the boss vulnerable again.
  • the fire segment will fill the room with magma. Only a few tiles are walk-able, and dodging is top priority. The same lost souls will try overwhelm you as in the Forgotten King’s boss fight. Hmm maybe a hint there?
  • the darkness segment is a tricky one, blind and darkness status effects are soooo annoying, but once you find the boss, the rest of this segment is ez pz. Well, ez pz for Azamoth I guess…
  • in the lightning phase he will go full out on you. Lightning bolts rain down and paralysis is not the way you want to go. Some attacks do look suspiciously like Xolotl…

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A special place in Best of the Best at worst, or the best dungeon in the game; AZAMOTH!!!
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Making the hardest dungeon in the game drop from an event boss in the realm AND require items from the other endgame dungeons to be used just to open sounds absolutely terrible. Even discs would probably have a hard time doing this, because it’s not just a sentry run where you need to kill it, but you also need to make sure you have the right stuff just to open it. So people would be wary about going to one because they might not even get the dungeon, and they could miss the dungeon even when you have the right people because they might not make it. Of course this would occur effectively never naturally without a disc to organize it. Also, what do you mean “each cultist has a chance to drop their respective elemental fragment.”? Only Malus drops anything.


The event boss is guaranteed to drop an opening. The person who dealt the most damage to each cultist has a chance for their fragment to drop in the lootbag they get from malus


Just going to point out: you probably want it that the player who uses their fragment to “open” the dungeon has a way of getting it back if the five fragments were not put in.


the dungeon entry stays open for 30 seconds like a regular portal. If it does not open, everyone who used their shards gets them back.



Just you wait, I’m gonna one-up you when I post my dungeon stuff at the end of my WIP >:))

Fantastic sprite btw :smiley: I’m guessing Azamoth will resurrect each cultist and you’ll have to fight each one to defeat the final big bad.




Accessory Idea:

Trophy of Azamoth: A marble trophy signifying true courage.

+40hp +11def +9att -2dex -2spd

something like that would be neat. just a suggestion


image image image image
These are all possible sprites, tell me which one you like the most! When the dungeon is completed I will be hosting a contest for the event boss drop. Gentle reminder that it’s still not too late to join!
These sprites are demons, they mingle with the golems and are much more powerful

Big thanks to @Redox for all the help with sprites, many of them are till incomplete however




Oh nice tho I’ve already seen it


looks much better now :smiley:

btw I like the gargoyle like thing that’s first, looks really cool.


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