Backpacks (and Santa Bag) Disappeared from Gift Chests in Vault


So I died recently, and I started up a new character, but the backpacks and a Santa’s bag I was saving in the Gift Chest have disappeared, and I am sure I had them and had not used them. What happened to them? Did they disappear because I died with a backpack equipped when I died? The game just thought I had all the backpacks equipped when I died?!?!



maybe it’s just a glitch? Like when the fame and gold goes to 0 glitch


Are they perhaps simply in another gift chest?

Otherwise you might want to check if you got hacked.


If your gift chests have more items than the total slots available, you can reenter your vault to cycle through your gift chests.
Or use muledump.


I have only like 11 gift chests with stuff so I don’t have more items than gift chest inventory space. I’ve checked all the gift chests several times, logged off and back on. I doubt I’ve been hacked, but I hope I’m actually not. They’re just gone. Might be a glitch but it’s not fixing itself or anything.


Might be a glitch, but I would still change the password just to be safe.


This might be something worth contacting Deca directly about, since (guessing) they could look through the transactions of your account and see how many backpacks you “should” have, vs how many you have used.

The game would not delete backpacks from the vault due to dying on a character.
The game doesn’t let one character use multiple backpacks (I believe)
So the only options would appear to be:
-dropped on floor accidentally (you can’t return items to gift vaults once removed)
-dropped on purpose (by someone using your account)
-carrying the items in your char inventory and maybe forgot you had them in there when died
-they’re still in there somewhere you didn’t look
-they were never there (if forgot to claim them from the calender for example)

I have heard of Deca being sometimes happy to gift something of low value like backpack to keep customers (you) happy so might be worth asking them to look at your account from their side to try and give an answer to you.


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