Best sets/items for all classes


I kinda want to max out some chars and if someone can give me a tier list like set for all classses or at least the strongest classes.I kinda want to farm rare whites all day and night xd


Rogue with CDirk, Bloody Cloak, Nil and Crown


Archer with full ST set.


Aside from wondering how you got white star without knowing what items and classes are good in the game, just start by maxing your character, running them with tops, and then adding in various UT’s to see what you like. Ultimately, the more comfortable you are with an item the better you will play.


He probs bought a account.


Read through some of the replies here :arrow_down:


Wiz : T13/tablet/water robe/bracer or crown
Rogue : oryx dagger or ripper/bloody cloak or mg cloak/nil/garms/crown
Necro: t13/shaitan skull/Shendyt or soulless/bracer
Trickster: oryx dagger or ripper/echoes prism/wyrmhide/crown
Mystic: cstaff/conflict/cult robe/bracer or omni
Sorc: fallen/st scepter or parasite scepter or fulmi/cult robe/omni
Ninja: sadamune/midnight or ST star or kageboshi/nil/bracer or potato
Knight : colo sword/pixie/ogmur/bp or resu/crown or sourcestone
Warrior : colo sword/jugg/bp or mercys/crown
Pally : colo sword/Oreo or mseal/bp/omni
Priest: fallen/prot or puri or furor/cult robe/gem or bracer or sourcestone
Archer: oryx bow or vbow/qot or void quiver or ST quiver/wyrmhide/crown or bracer
Huntress : oryx bow or vbow/vile/nil/crown or bracer
Assassin : ripper or oryx dagger/murky or pogmur /harley/sourcestone or bracer or gem
Samurai: ray/shaitan waki/cc or bp/source stone or crown or omni
Note: leaf can replace wyrmhide in a pinch, entropy is good on everything, crystal and fungal abilities can replace the abilities listed. If you don’t have something the lh tops are decent
Enjoy the realmeye candy if you get them all lol


It’s all up to your style, my friend.

I like to play safe, so good choices for me are HP Rings and Crowns. I personally don’t like to rely on my ability a lot, so I avoid magic stats like WIS and MP. The Gemstone on my Knight is just for flex, so don’t mind that.

If you like to play with a lot of firepower, Bracer, Potato, and Crown (again) are your go-to Rings.
Crown is probably the best Ring all-around as it gives a good amount of HP as well as solid boost in DPS. Bracer is a good balance because it gives HP, MP, ATT, and DEF. However, I don’t really like Bracer because it is too broad. I prefer my Rings to be more focused. Potato gives no HP, so only use it if you are confident in your dodging skills.

Sourcestone and Gemstone are best on Knight and Rogue. Knight to get that extra stun, Rogue to get more cloaks in as well as the extra SPD boost for rushing. Sourcestone is arguable a better Gemstone.

Here are some of my favorite combos. (I did indeed skip almost all of the classes)

Wizard: Cosmic, Elemental Spell (good DMG, good MP cost), Soulless (best DEF and HP for safety), Deca (Wizzy often needs a lot of HP)

Tezca Tail (Staff Swap-out) - good against high DEF
Tablet (Spell Swap-out) - good against stationary and high DEF

Priest: Recomp, Holy Guide (good for speedy dodging), Soulless (high HP cap to put the Tome to use), Potato (Soulless should be enough HP, plus Priest needs DPS)

Fallen (Wand Swap-out) - Godsend for high-DEF bosses
Prot (Tome Swap-out) - The go-to Tome if you want to rush and tank

Archer: st set = god archer Leaf (an easy-to-get weapon that I use 80% of the time), ST Quiver (expensive in MP, but good against para-immune, plus speedy), ST Armor (best HP armor), Crown (a bit of HP plus DPS)

Coral (Bow swap-out) - Crushes groups of weak enemies
T6 Quiver (Quiver Swap-out) - MP-cheap and paralyzes (but you need to be accurate!)


It could be he’s coming back and is not up to date with best items (though white would mean he had to at least play during time of samourai)


Don’t forget ST spell (a consistent and high damage spell) for Wizard, Puri and Crown for Priest, and QoT and Void bow for Archer


Checked and his last death was in 2018


Technically having all top tiered gear is considered “best”, with the choice of ring pretty much just being the ring of decades for outclassing the T6 HP ring. If you’re just going for the grind, ST sets are a lot of fun to use, and those come a bit rarer than whites.


I disagree, swap ring for crown


I disagree, swap crown for deca to make set even more p2w


but crown is more p2w because it’s sb


How do you pay for it?


shatts keys


Why Nil?


Prestige mostly I guess


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