Bonus damage from exaltations does not work.


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Just for credibility, could you post a screenshot of the damage multiplier exalt on your Assassin? That way, we know it’s a bug with the exalts and not just you not having the bonus.


yea here, my b. i make errors a lot. in OP i said “with multiplier, normal assassin” but i meant an assassin with max att + 5/5 att exalt but no damage bonus.


Hi, i checked if the “mastery” exaltation reward is working post update, and it is working fine. i am unsure if i did math wrong in the first place, and if there was anything wrong. if there was a bug, maybe it got fixed along with the xp bonus exaltation reward but was excluded from update notes.
limon has a defense of 16. my full exalted assassin with t14 dagger and no attack stat bonus on equipment nor from consumables (65 att) should damage limon in the range of 261 - 447.
i have a screenshot of me hitting a shot for the max possible damage roll on limon which should be impossible without the +10% damage bonus from the mastery exaltation reward. so i think this topic should be closed.