Boomers thread ~Relive old memories~



when non-tops still had value


Good times


Innocent me not knowing these things had surprise projectiles.


i have more but yea


Pt 2


I remember when Life was 4 def and 1 def was like 4-5 pots


sips monster

reminder to all fellow boomers that SwatSec was over SIX years ago


Dang 12 free char slots

I got only 1 back then


nah man i didnt get charslots for those (nor was I trying to, i was just trying to see if i could escape the nexus).

Eventually I made it into the cloth bazaar, where one guy was sitting already completely shell-shocked. Good memories. Eventually I even found a server where people were fighting back, but all my characters were too sheite to really do much.

I did get one character that died VERY shortly before the swatsec-ening revived, in a new char slot! that was pretty sweet. a 1/8 wizard if I recall, which actually meant something to me back then too lol.


A hacker attack when oryx 2 been in nexus and killing very much people. A golden set for 1400 gold. And your first white bag in Kabam Era.


oh man I remember this death :smiley:

if you’re wondering why I had a pixie, I didn’t know how good it was at the time, so I was using it and didn’t find it very good. Then I went into shaitan and dieded because I didn’t nexus in time.


That was swatsec


That kinda makes sense. They were rarer when they were tradeable and before pets long range was the meta (wizard, wizards everywhere).


Pets didn’t come until March 26, 2013 (Build 12.0.0), so it makes some sense that you’d still bee using def over HP rings ^u^

Ah, what I remember was struggling to kill Horned Drakes…being annoyed at Ninja’s short range…Huntress’ low damage with tiered bows…not knowing whether stat pots really boosted stats permanently, and being pretty hyped to drink my first one…the old, square-r vault…
Oh, what a time, what a time.


Ah Yes the vault, very few gift chest at that time.


me being so bad at this game, I had difficulty to lv up, I wasn’t really patient, and stupid I didn’t know anything, so I’d just rush head down into death

(this is my second account, since I had lost the first)
you can laugh at me for dying at lv 1


This is me a few months ago but it would go for an hour for me and then I’d go to bed



First mithsword I ever had. srry for potato image quality