Buy Fame


You ARE being rude. We are trying to have a civilized discussion on a topic you brought up, and you have not taken some of the criticism with much grace. The player you called a “smartass”, Mynamerr, was only trying to help, and is well-known throughout the community for being level-headed, mature and courteous to others. Insulting him hasn’t helped your case in the slightest.

With that out of the way, I am still interested in how your idea gets rid of the many problems with the current system (as I highlighted in my previous post).


You clearly didn’t read the definition i posted of what ‘smartarse’ means.

nb. that’s me being a smartarse!

My idea is irrelevant now, no one likes it. That’s fine.


lol, fame is basically useless anyway so Idk why most of you are mad at this idea.

it’s decent at best anyway, wouldn’t fix the problem of market inflation though, seeing as this isn’t very rewarding at all.


Looking at this again, the move message does indeed come off a bit unfriendly, sorry for that


no problem…

love is all around haha!


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