Cemetery Dungeon Breaking Bug?


I’m not sure how it happened, but with 33 people in Cem, the first boss got insta killed, and then Skuld never showed up after the boss died. Haunted Cem has some sort of glitch/abuse that can break the dungeon I think.

Troll boss just spawned and died instantly within a second, the gate opened but Skuld never appeared at 2nd. All of us were standing in a group with one Knight behind the boss when it spawned.

Anyone ever see this before?


Nope. Well in that case, you should report it to Deca.


Normally, this shouldn’t happen, but seeing as Daichi’s Soulblasts and the Puppet Master 2’s Cursed Blasts are also failing in something related to transitions.
What’s odd is that those two supposedly used ones ending with .5, which is a problem, because Realm’s XML system basically always uses multiples of .2 (this was actually how some Shatters enemies had stacked shots; Kabam apparently didn’t know of this arbitrary restriction and never bothered changing said enemies).

Another case of this was related to Thessal, apparently skipping her “question” phase entirely if she enters her Dying state.


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