Chief Beisa is the hardest miniboss in Oryx's Sanctuary


You read that correctly. I believe Chief Beisa is the hardest miniboss in Oryx’s Sanctuary. Don’t get me wrong, given practice, all minibosses in Oryx’s Sanctuary are easy. But comparatively, Chief Beisa is the hardest. Here me out:

Everyone thinks Chancellor Dammah hard because they over complicate the mechanics. Literally every single one of his phases focuses on slow dodging. If you focus on dodging the green arrows that sicken, you win. Even his counter is easy given that you can dodge knife walls sufficiently. “A miasma of death and disease follows in my wake!” is his hardest phase yet even when it is “PvPed” I can dodge every single one of the green arrows by just slowly making my way in a rhombus-like pattern.

Treasurer Gemsbok is easy but can be underestimated. Without tricksters, this boss is practically impossible for melees.

The most agreed upon for miniboss difficulty would have to be Archbishop Leucoryx. I don’t blame them for thinking this way. He has four phases that can be devastating if an orb causes a counter at any point in the run. However, every phase can learned and they all have predictable shot patterns.

Chief Beisa is the only miniboss that can actively chase the player. This miniboss has six phases. “Move in!”, “Spineless runts! Stand your ground and fight!”, “Surround the enemy!”, “Disrupt the opponent’s movement!”, “Dodge, parry, come on!”, “Keep them covered!”, “CHARGE!”, “Flank them!”, and “Strike through, contain all ends!” are seven of his phases, SEVEN that all involve chasing the player. No other miniboss chases the player. Because of this, Chief Beisa is the only miniboss that can get messy with an incompetent group of people. Furthermore, Chief Beisa is the only miniboss that summons four Oryx Elite Falconers which can each spawn a falcon which can shotgun and insta-kill any unsuspecting player, especially without tricksters which floods them all over the place.

Other people think bosses like Archbishop Leucoryx and Chancellor Dammah are harder because they over complicate the game. For example, Archbishop Leucoryx “parses” a lot of players probably because these players rely on a group to get them through the entire game and they don’t actually watch the screen for projectiles. The same can be said for Chancellor Dammah. The whole fight is all about slow dodging and paying attention. Since many players play off-centered with rotation, it makes the fight infinitely harder. I, personally, play the whole game centered at 0 degrees and I find no problem with Chancellor Dammah, especially on his famous “miasma” phase. (Also, some players have bad computers and their render of the knife walls make them lag and die.)

To add credibility, Chief Beisa is the only miniboss I unironically died to. Twice. It might even be harder than Oryx the Exalted God himself.

Who do you think is the hardest miniboss to fight in Oryx’s Sanctuary?

  • Chancellor Dammah
  • Treasurer Gemsbok
  • Archbishop Leucoryx
  • Chief Beisa

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I’d argue Beisa is 2nd easiest, only beaten in ease by Gemsbok. He does chase, but if you have 50 speed and avoid the very slow-moving green projectiles, he’ll never be able to catch up to you. He does do a lot of damage, as do his minions, but every shot they fire aside from the large red target circles near the end are incredibly slow moving and easy to weave between. He’s got a very large, open field that doesn’t have any walls of knives preventing you from utilizing all that space, nor does he have any candelabras circling around to shoot people in the corners. In my opinion, the falcons are the only genuine threat in Beisa and it only takes one death from them to put you on your toes as soon as they start spawning. It’s like trying to run up a slide, falling off, and scraping your knee; experience is the best teacher, you’ll remember not to do that again.

Also, again prefacing it as my opinion, Beisa is THE easiest in terms of countering. I don’t even know if he HAS a counter, because if he does it isn’t a significant enough spike in difficulty for me to tell. And this isn’t me preaching like I’m a pro at O3 or his mini’s, I’ve got maybe 25 completes total over my entire playtime, but Beisa is the only one I’ve never struggled with on any class. Even Gemsbok, with his infinite ease with a good trickster or two, can be countered (albeit it’s rare to see) and he can get a little more difficult. Leuc is a nightmare for unexperienced people like me when he gets countered, and while knife walls are easy enough after some practice, Dammah’s still a decent threat without any counters at all.

I might also be a bit biased since melee is not my main choice of class, and when I do play melee it’s usually cshield + resu knight, but I don’t think it’s fair to judge a minibosses difficulty purely on if melee’s get to do it easily. Not saying you are, but people definitely do. For ones like gemsbok, as you mentioned before, it can get very difficult for melees, but anything with a tiered dagger’s range or higher doesn’t struggle that much, and that’s the majority of classes.

Overall I would have to disagree with your statement almost entirely. I have died to Beisa, or more specifically to one of his exploding birds, but since then he hasn’t taken any of my lives, while the mad god took 10 just during this most recent free rune event.


So true.


Everyone has their own opinion of course, but I disagree with this in my opinion.

Gemsbok will always be the easiest for me. It’s literally chilling in one of the quarters, dodging with minimal effort, hide in a corner during that coin rotation phase. Then back to dodging easily again, then you follow the right coin, do a ton of damage. Finally you dodge a littttttle more, move to another quarter and you’re done.

BEISA IS JUST A WALKING SIMULATOR. The only thing you have to watch out for are: the birds and green spinners. If you’re maxed you have enough speed to outrun Beisa. The only thing that sucks about the Beisa fight is the HP scaling.

Leucoryx is just leucoryx.

But Dammah… I’ve done a decent amount of o3’s and all mini-bosses and o3 are easier than Dammah. I just can’t get past Miasma and I have no clue how the other phases work. I just stand in a corner and watch. The knife wall is do-able, but annoying.

From easiest to hardest.

  1. Gemsbok
  2. Beisa
  3. Leucoryx
  4. Dammah

I could even out Gems and Beisa as a shared nr.1, but the HP scaling on Beisa can be ridicilous.


Beisa’s falcons are probably the only reason I would rank Beisa to be the hardest, as they basically act like a shatters fire bomb of varying degrees of unpredictability. The stationary falcons are ok, but it’s the ones that move sporadically towards you that I get anxiety from xD

Every other O3 miniboss is fine, I wouldn’t really rank one harder than the other. I’d probably rank Leucoryx as the absolute easiest if I had to make a choice, followed by Dammah, and then Gemsbok, and lastly Beisa.


I am obviously in the significant minority, but I actually find Gems to be the hardest overall. The reason I say that is because without tricksters this fight is honestly crazy. The AOE gems he throws go very fast and if he is off your screen you will not have enough time to think before they hit you. The constant pet stasis shots require particular attention amidst massive shotguns coming from various directions, and the possibility of petrify and confuse among numerous other debuffs can be brutal.

Granted, with even one single competent trickster the fight gets trivialized. But honestly I haven’t really had major issues with any of the other bosses. The counters in Leuc might get you once or twice, but once you’ve learned then they are not an issue. As you said, Dammah is all about slowly dodging the green arrows. Beisa chasing is actually rather nice in many instances, allowing melees to strafe in front or beside him to get consistent damage. Falcons are rough, but once you are looking out for them they are rarely an issue unless you are speedy and running backwards while using an offset screen.


For me (easiest to hardest):
1 Chief Beisa (since I don’t exactly think his shots are that hard to dodge unless you’re either cornered or slowed)
2 Archbishop Leucoryx (since there’s literally no challenge in the boss fight unless you get counters, which don’t take much time due to practicers being avaliable)
3 Chancellor Dammah (miasma can be claustrophobic, and disintegrate can be hard to deal damage in)
4 Treasurer Gemsbok (since I’m a :clown_face: and want to deal as much damage as possible, plus very anti melee compared to the others, also also the boss the boss is difficult af without tricksters like fury said)


That statement alone makes me believe you less and less, but go on…

A. 4 minute pvp miasma
B. Leuc is a very, very punishing miniboss, and is reliant on your dodging skills to make it “easy”. Without good game knowledge, even dodging skills cannot get you through him. In Beisa, you can sit on the other side of the boss room and be fine. Your space is not constricted at all.

That invalidates the fact that Beisa can get messy and chases you, because while it can, you can run to the other side of Africa.

I agree that the eagle and their instakilling + high damage capabilities are scary and can get messy, but that alone does not make it the hardest. Very dangerous, yes, but not the hardest. In addition, incompetent groups are not as common these days.


If you didn’t know, in 2nd and 4th phase of leuc, the corner is a safespot.
However, I don’t think you need to use it. You mentioned you have 25 completes, I would recommend rotating with leuc in the middle (which you probably already do).

Nope! Not as far as I know. 0 counters. That “stagger” can allow you to easily deal enough damage to send him to his next set of phases. It only helps you as a player.


Chief Beisa actually has two counter-attacks.

  1. After a successful stagger, “ERRG! Troops, stay together! Do not lose focus!”, he summons a massive banner in the middle that silences the whole arena and buffs himself and his minions for 15 seconds.
  2. Periodically, he spawns small banners that cover a specific square in the arena. Players will be silenced until they leave the area of effect. Chief Beisa and his minions will gain a defense boost by 50% and the berserk buff. Also, dead minions that enter the AOE will be revived.

Also how do you fight Treasurer Gemsbok as a melee with at most wine cellar tops? He practically covers the entire screen with projectiles and throws bombs everywhere.


Ok but bro who cares about banners


For me:

  1. Archbishop Leucoryx - got clapped within 0.5 seconds with 4 200 damage armor breaking shots during rotation phase, 3rd counter can end up killing people nigh instantly when being in-between two beams. Sure the pattern is simple, but every shot has a ridiculous amount of damage in those phase.
  2. Dammah - This one is a just dodge, but pvp miasma is pretty stressful especially with low speed. However, the most often deaths I see in clippex videos is during knife phase, the hundreds of shots that cover the sides ends up lag spiking the player, leading them into said hundred shots and being almost instant death.
  3. Gemsbok - Not really that hard if you don’t get chained by pet stasis shots or tank a multi-shot. I guess the last phase would be difficult if there’s insufficient dps, as the pet stasis shots and sicken bombs will imped on healing until the boss is dead.
  4. Beisa - It is really difficult on a close ranged ranged character, but so is every other miniboss. The only time you’d die is when you get cornered, get stack shotted, or bird bombed. However, all of these can be circumvented if you look ahead of where you’re running to. Circle around the birds, run ahead before the minion’s wall of shots come, and stay at the sides to have space to run to.


oops necro post, still agree with the author though, the rest are all the same every single fight but biesa with a group that isnt op is a little bit more predictable. Despite this it is still one of my least favourite fights in the entire game up there with manor, its sooooo boring but the minions are one of the hardest parts of the whole dungeon so i cant go to sleep. Dammah is super fun, you can learn it and get better and better at, green portal phase is annoying though but still learnable and consistent. btw i never pvp and dont like it but the fight is still fun even with it. The knife wall can be dangerous with lag but its the same as the rest of the fight otherwise, learn it and only lag or a major mistake can kill you.


if we’re talking soloes i agree beisa is the hardest, everything else is a joke with proper game knowlege. however in groups, even incompetent ones; Beisa is by far the easiest. Just my opinion


Have you ever soloed a gemsbook?


wow u mastered o3 pretty quickly


Dammah is the hardest for 1 reason:

It shreds most lower end computers


Make that three times.


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