Chlorophyll Sword


soord png
idk just a sprite I made. Do whatever you want with it.


Looks like a thicc dagger


Chlorophyll? More like borophyll.


Moved to WIP because it’s just a sprite (though the sprite is sexy :stuck_out_tongue: )




reminds me of a shiled dagger sword.


It actually looks like a shield, almost.


Hmm is it from some sort of plant boss or enemy that will drop this, can you make a sprite for that boss or enemy.

The Realm needs you,


Why not bella :stuck_out_tongue:


Why not though she already has a sword drop, this boss or enemy has to be permanent in the realm

The realm needs you,


First off, why you signing off. It’s kinda disturbing. Secondly, it truthfully looks more like a vanity item then anything else. However, it could also drop from thickit. No need to create a entirely new dungeon for a weapon unless you plan on making more then just one. Plus, although bella drops a sword, it doesn’t drop a white sword


You do have a point though


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