Christmas Skins are missing from list of skins


I just used an Oryxmas Wizard Skin (this one ) to unlock it, because it wasn’t in the list of skins for my Wizard, which I found odd, because I remember unlocking every Oryxmas Skin last year or the year before.
I still don’t see it, so I’m wondering if I wasted it.


Restart your game client- worked for me yesterday


Unlocking a skin doesn’t show it until you restart the game, iirc.
I might bee wrong on that, though.

Addendum: might bee specific to the Oryxmas Wizard skin? I unlocked the Oryxmas Sorcerer yesterday and it showed up fine.


Not necessarily, most times for me you don’t have to but sometimes you do. Usually when it asks me to re-enter my vault to unlock it I don’t have to restart but when it unlocks on the first time I do.


I’ve had all three situations happen for me with skins. Instant unlock, re-entry for vault necessary for progression, and a deceivingly “failed” unlocking attempt where I had to restart the game to see that I had, indeed, claimed it.

I believe all claims here.


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