Collect all Amethyst [I can't use them at the tinkerer]


So i got 10 of this new amethyst shards for the motmg dwarf event but i cant use them at the tinkerer can someone please help me?

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Just wait. The quest isn’t up yet.



rip me. At least, i have more days to get 11 shards… i think you need 11 shards to get every rewards, but not sure


you need 1


whats the reward? honestly I have an amethyst shard from the event before motmg so I dont even really care lol


10 shards for sick saucer pet skin
1 for tinkerer reward
so 11 in total


not worth but I get the tinkerer one so whatever


wdym its 2 shards per day
just do oryx and collect the marks


I doubt that having a shard from a previous event will guarantee you access to all the rewards.

From the way I understand it, the free spins of the Fungal misery box will only be given to players who qualify by doing an Oryx Mark->Amethyst exchange during the event AKA this week:

You could possibly be okay with the higher tier rewards that talk about using 1x Amethyst shard to claim. But they might not even be in play if the community doesn’t hit the targets.


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