Corrupted Incantation


This is actually a work in progress overall but I finished the first part and wanted to post it ASAP

Feel free to post any criticism regarding the balancing and spriting, otherwise, enjoy.


Since you’ve said that this is a work in progress, I’ll move the thread to #ideas:wip


thanks haha forgot that was a category


Maybe to simplify the pet part you can just have an unavoidable pet stasis aoe that has an extremely long duration. Or one that ends once the chest is killed, which shouldnt be hard to code for a solo dungeon.
Also im not sure how pets work in heroic dungeons but thats probably what would be done if this were implemented


I like the idea but make sure you reduce the damage on the ghosts. Very few shots jn the game deal above 200 damage but many weapons easily surpass this with high fire rate too.


Wouldn’t that mean you could have a chance at 2 incs? Cause if you hit highest damage, you’ll get the inc, plus there’s that 1/2500 chance. Lul, that’d be cool.

Also, you should probably make fp higher than a regular inc seeing how it’s rarer and most likely better


Anyone who died with a dev scepter to any of the oryx forms will have a very hard time of this, possibly getting actually one-shot.


This is why the ghost is given such high hp, otherwise a dbow would end the fight in seconds


Think abt it the other way tho the enemies have huge damage for such a small hp player


You’re right but players are much better at dodging than monsters and while usually single shots don’t deal so much damage we have things like crucaiders in LH. However, I did change the projectile speed of the ghosts to 80% of the original weapon


The scepter projectiles are easy to dodge for this exact reason. Big F to anyone who dies with plague tho


haha kinda useless tho they both get removed when you leave WC. Actually for this exact reason fp doesnt matter.


If they do implement this (100% should better idea than whitebags) they can just make it that way.


makes a new account with all t1 equipment, dies 3 times to o1


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