Could someone explain the new tinkerer?


I’ve been gone for a while from the game, tried googling my questions, but get no real answers…

I see under the quest tab you turn in coins from dungeons to get chests and I see under the event tab you turn in box shards from mystery boxes and (monthly shards?).

  • What are quest chests/what is in them?
  • Where does one obtain monthly shards? I saw the anubis skin and am really interested in getting it.

Edit: just realized there is an “academy” subforum, so i’m moving the thread.


Quest chests are consumables you can use in your vault, they create a chest you can shoot for loot.
Loot depends on if the quest chest is common or epic, click here to see more info.

You can get them in the events happening on the weekends, I believe there will be a double thessal event tomorrow (not sure if you can get shards there) and another chest event the week after.


According to Deca the shards will drop from chest and double boss events.


The OT event launched today shows July Shards in the possible loot, and they were in the Reef chest last weekend, so yep. GL.


So they’re on the loot table for quest chests or a different kind of chest? and what exactly does a “double boss event” entail? I’m pretty clueless when it comes to drops/events.


Double boss is exactly what it sounds like, two bosses. One boss is normal, while the other boss has a different drop table, with the monthly shard being one of the drops.

The event chests are chests that spawn after you clear the dungeon or kill the boss. They drop mystery stat pots, stat pots that drop from the dungeon normally, pet food, or a skin (if you’re lucky). It is just a stationary chest you shoot at for loot.


Tinkerer chests have a different drop table than the event chests, they just drop items you can get from the dungeons that you get the marks from.


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