Quest Chests

Quest Chests are items awarded from Tinkerer Quests. Using them spawns a destructible chest that can be broken for items (as well as a substantial amount of Fame).

They can only be used in the Vault, and apply Pet Stasis for a lengthy period to stop Pets from destroying the chest and thus denying the player loot.

There are four grades of quest chests: Beginner Quest Chests, Standard Quest Chests, Mighty Quest Chests, and Epic Quest Chests.

Beginner Quest Chests contain low to mid-tier gear along with untiered gear from the dungeons in their pool, and have a small chance of dropping vitality, wisdom, dexterity, or speed stat potions. Out of all types, these are the easiest to obtain due to the marks for their quests dropping from low-level dungeons, but also have the least valuable rewards.

Standard Quest Chests contain higher-tier gear and have a decent drop rate for the “rainbow” stat potions, although the chance of one dropping a Mana or Life potion is very low. They also have a chance to contain various pieces of untiered items from the dungeons in their pool.

Mighty Quest Chests are somewhat harder to obtain due to the higher difficulty of the dungeons in their pool, but contain all types of stat potions, as well as a guaranteed Mana potion. Additionally, they contain high-tier gear and rarer untiered items from their pool’s dungeons.

Epic Quest Chests are the hardest to acquire of all quest chests, and rightfully hold the most treasure. Additionally, there are eight variants, each requiring specific marks to be obtained: Honeyed, Crystallized, Royal, Marble, Cultish, Voided, Steampunk, and Moonlit. They drop a guaranteed Mana and Life potion, as well as all other potions (including Greater variants), and Wine Cellar tops. Based on the type of chest, they can also drop the origin dungeon’s pots and UTs, as well as T13 weapons and T14 armors.

If you spawn a chest and leave your vault (accidentally nexus or get disconnected) then that chest is gone!

It is possible to die from a Quest Chest. Using a chest at 0 HP (achieviable with max HP-lowering equipment such as certain Mistake gear) will cause death from the pet stasis “attack” (called Testing Pet Stasis) from the chest.