Current BEST Sets in the game! (OP)


After O3 was released, a new level of potential set’s are now possible. That is to say, a whole new level of top tier sets in the game are now achievable (but only for a few classes) through the use of customizing with new UT’s from O3 and current ST’s. Thus far, I’d like to say I’ve done quite a bit of research in trying to figure out what is now the most optimized set in the game. When I first started messing around with the new O3 items on (great calculator btw), I stumbled upon not 1 interesting set, but several new and unique builds that completely change the way to play the game just through combining certain ST’s, UT’s, and new O3 items.

Here’s just one of the “less” powerful optimized sets: Nebulous%20Set
Idk if all of you are familiar with what the new O3 items do, but basically this new robe grants you
+12 Def, +5 Att, +10 Spd, and + 40 MP on equip. Now, those stats alone are pretty good, but what’s unique about the robe is that it has a special “passive” property that activates once after an ability use. This passive granting a +15 Att boost and -6 Def debuff after using an ability (with a respectable cool down of course). So, theoretically, if you have the new T7 Lute, or any tiered lute at that matter, you can counter-measure the
-6 Def debuff by literally using your lute. The new T7 Lute grants a +12 Def Boost, which is twice as much as the robe’s def debuff. And, to top it off, you still have a hefty +10 Spd from the robe, as well as a +5 Spd from the lute on equip. So, basically what we’re looking at here is an
820 HP, 43 Def (after ability use), 70 Spd, 81 Att (after ability use), 76 Dex shredded-ass Bard that can use any preferred bow of choice. (And remember, this is one of the weaker optimized sets.)

Next, I’d like to show you the best solo Huntress set (the bow is just for a e s t h e t i c s):
Again, not entirely sure if all of you are familiar with any of these items (the bow isn’t important), but basically the trap (ability) gives you a healing effect and berserk (if thrown on self). Next, this new O3 leather armor gives you +10 Def, + 5 Att, and +7 Dex just on equip. But what’s unique about the armor is that if you have the healing status effect, you gain an additional +12 Att. And lasty, for one of the new O3 rings (banner), stats on equip are +90 Hp, +4 Spd, and + 4 Dex. The stats alone aren’t amazing, but what the banner’s “passive” property after ability use is just insane. What it does is that after an ability is used, a banner is spawned on your character, and within a specific tile range, it provides Damaging to whoever is within the area. And, it also does 600-800 DPS to any enemies within the range (it doesn’t say how long the banner stays). SO BASICALLY, what we’re looking at here is a 66 Dex, 92 Att (after ability use) Huntress that can provide itself with Damaging, Berserk, and healing with any bow of preference. NEXT.

This one is just unholy.
So. Basically, the cloak gives you Invisibility obviously, as well as a +25 Att boost and a Slowed debuff after ability use (the +25 Att boost lasts longer than the Slowed debuff). Now, we’ve been over what this armor does (+12 Att if you have the healing status effect), but the ring is quite possibly the most broken thing on any platform, or for any game. idc what u say. This ring on equip provides +140 Hp and +8 Att. Not bad. But yall should know that that’s not all folks! This ring grants an additional +12 Att if the user is shooting when Invisible. gg.
assassin has left the chat.
So, basically, if you press space bar/right click, then shoot, while in a raid (or if you’re just duoing anything with a buddy of yours that’s playing a pally or priest), this rogue set gives you a total of 112 Att. If you get a damaging boost, you can very rarely “crit” up to 1k with cdirk on all Gods in glands, and for sure crit up to 1k on anything that’s exposed, cursed, or armor broken EASILY.

2nd to last, this one is just a personal interest:
It’s nothing too crazy. The UT armor and ring (if above 90%) make up for the loss of Berserk kinda. But at least you get some decent dps from the helm’s triple fire ball, so that’s pretty dope. But this is some beta male booty when compared to my final discovery.

Finally, for what I think is the BEST, most optimized set in the game, I present to you The Advisor:
First, I’ll start with the seal (which is just reskin swoll pally seal). +9 Att, +9 Wis, and +5 Def on equip. When the seal is used, gain a +15 Def boost and a -15 Spd debuff. When paired with any other piece of the Swoll Pally ST set, gain +25 Hp, +25 Mp, +2 Att, and + 2 Def. Next, the new Oryx 3 heavy armor. On equip:
+20 Def, +5 Dex, +5 Att, and +7 Spd. And lastly, the ring which gives +140 Hp and +5 Def, but if the user is above 90% Hp, gain a +10 Dex boost. So, what we’re gloriously looking at before us is a
935 Hp, 77 Def (after ability use), 47 Spd (after ability use, 62 Spd without ability), 66 Att, 60 Dex (if above 90%) Paladin. What you’re sacrificing here is an HP Buff and healing status effect. But if you’re in a group of people with pallies/preists, it doesn’t really matter. So ya, there you have it.

Here’s the DPS if you’re wondering. Don’t worry, everyone has their respective stats increased depending if they have items that boost Att/Dex (the dps calculator doesn’t calculate these values because they’re only after ability use/only activate after something specific).

So yea! There ya go. Let me know what set you think is the coolest among the ones I gave!

  • Bard
  • Huntress
  • Rogue
  • Warrior
  • Paladin

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And feel free to share your own/new possible set ideas!

UTs need to be changed

Beside having a DBow, using CBow: She does becomes one-woman-army Godland killing machine. Not to mention, it even beats Tenne completely (at least when soloing).


Bro, idk if you saw the Pic file name, but that’s literally what I called it! The one-woman-army. (but if u did see the file name, then just excuuuse me.)


I think you probably forgot about newest wand that drops from Leucoryx; Lumiaire. It now makes a lot of endgame sets a joke with Sorcerer. Let’s say your set is: Lumiaire, Parasite Scepter, Duality Robe and a Forgotten Crown, and bam, you have killing machine as a Wand Class (Surpasses even DPS of full DPS Warrior with that set).


Bruh. yea that’s game right there, and good thing sorc is one of my fav sets :> but too bad im prob never gonna get any of the new o3 itenz ;-;


I mean, it does makes sense, that set could even beat her ST set completely.

But if you managed to swap the Shielding to Tenne and Banner to Crown while the buffs are active, that’s 7.5k DPS with CBow right here! (10k if using T14 Bow)


Btw I think this topic belongs to #academy (Haha, I dont know how do I add Guides to it), but that’s probably up to Regulars.


this is kinda nutty. if hunt had vbow what would happen >.>


She’ll basically out dps everyone on the graph in my original post lmfao



Dang, these are all so nice. Huntress is definitely the coolest, though.

Hoping to get some of the items that drop from the minibosses, but based on my performance so far I think it will be a while before my first O3 completion!


Yeah, seriously bro. If I can get any items just for one of these dream sets, I’d be so happy, but that’s not gonna be for a real long time lol. All we can do is pray that Oryx grants us his divine luck!



we dont need it


I have the trap and it’s very good although extremely annoying to use. You can effectively time your trap throwing to never miss you but you need to switch between aiming at monsters and aiming your trap every 3 seconds. It’s kinda tiring. It’s awesome if you’re in a group and don’t have a warrior present though.


That’s actually the Leaders’ job. The most us regulars do as far as managing threads beyond the nitty gritties is to edit the occasional title under very certain conditions. :wink:


Behold, the glory of a god above all others.

Mystic can also almost permanently buff herself in comparison to huntress with the banner which has a 10 second cooldown and 4 second up time.

On the other hand, hitting the front facing 3 shots of predator bow gives similar DPS:

In fact, mystic doesn't even require new Oryx stuff to destroy every other class in solo dps.


wow, that just proves how ridiculously strong mystic can be. she dont even need any of the new stronk af uts to be gud. well done sir. nice research.


Mystic solo DPS hits the stonks market.


God it is so satisfying to see the pieces of that huntress set interact with eachother


Fr tho