Cursed Library Final Easter Eggs Contest


Ain’t it.


Found some things :

  • Former head of the great atheneum, now a crazed paranoiac trying in vain to protect his collection. They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but in his case the pen IS the sword. - Original Description : References the sentence “The Pen is mightier than the Sword

  • This place was once the realm’s hub of knowledge. History’s finest researchers, educators, and philosophers gathered here in its prime.
    Oryx saw this shared wisdom as a threat to his dominance, so he conspired with Lord Ruthven to launch a surprise attack.
    The vicious curse you just fought back was the handiwork of the vampire lord, designed to eradicate this library and horrifically mutate those inside.

T H O T. Nice job @Toastrz.

  • In the Corruption Phantom’s description, it mentions the Eye, Lips and Hands. Their names are similar. Idk if it means something.

Headless Specter :

HP: 4,205 <— Weird number let’s keep an eye on it
DEF: 35
EXP: 195

Eye of the Edified :

HP: 1800
DEF: 6
EXP: 180

Lips of the Lost :

HP: 2600
DEF: 30
EXP: 195

Hand of the Helpless :

HP: 3900
DEF: 35
EXP: 195

Could that mean…

image …The Scribes looked like this ?

That’s all i found.


Also we need to find out if this is a random sprite or not, as it is almost everywhere, take a look at this:


Edit : Totally random, but what is this ?


Edit edit : don’t forget image

very random notes :

8627879 (toastrz with phone thing)

00111000 00110110 00110010 00110111 00111000 00110111 00111001


A while ago I found a breakable block in the library. I rotated
My screen and saw a golden scepter. Is this a reference to the honey scepter made by toastrz?


Just found this thread also otherwise I would have posted earlier


Also really mad I dont have a ss if it. Was gonna take a picture with my phone (back then I didnt know how to take a screen shot) but i has to nexus because of enemies I didn’t clear shooting me…


Don’t worry !

…it does not count as it was discovered long ago. Sad.


Ahh that’s too bad. I was really confused when I found it as well lol


The Eye got tired of me saying random things and he got an headache.


What happened there?


the tiniest oddity…

has the EYE for the tiniest oddity…


Okay i’ll go do some libs and i’ll see if it’s random or not, if you don’t get it the animated eye moves backwards


Isn’t that just lag?


Ah yes, lag for a minute at a regular pace.


Small update : Toastrz told me it was an exalt bug so it’s not an easter egg or anything.


So only one of the three easter eggs has been found so far?




Do I have to double the prizes to entice people to start looking?


ive never seen this thread until now so ima try tomorrow


I’ve looked at every lib i’ve done, no clue so far. But I won’t post any clue until you double the prices because i need decas


Haven’t seen this thread in a while so I thought it was won, but ima start looking now xd