Damage Thresholds and HP Scaling


That was interesting to read D:


Can we please get a Sphinx buff? It’s been ages and it honestly needs one when it gets outclasses so easily by the hivemind circlet.


Not the biggest fan of increasing the minimum hp on some bosses, like Malphas and Stheno. Imo, Just leaving them at their previous hp and scaling them is fine. Stheno and Malphas both have really autistic invulnerability phases, and it really adds up on solo farming time.


We still don’t know drop rates though




Their invulnerability periods have been reduced, though, to counterbalance this. It’d be way too weird to have both a large health pool as well as a quartzillion invuln phases.


That would make steamrolling bosses by maxed pets even easier while newer players will be punished by doubled HP.


i mean tbh its not like people ARENT gonna shoot at shatters bosses to get the chest. The loot chest thing is only really a problem in super large or super small shatters.


people most of the time didnt bother shouting 1st or even any of the bosses, talking about those fuckers that sit in the back and occasionally die from stray blombs


Always need to keep in mind the people who are just building up characters which are the people those were designed for, not the 8/8 knight in LH items :slight_smile:


Exactly my point.


I can’t find the Heroic Observer (Deadwater Docks boss wall) in the list, is it not going to be affected by HP scaling?
(Same for the Mysterious Crystal - 50,000 HP is still quite a barrier…)


I believe the point of the crystal’s high HP and the Docks wall is to stop selfish/greedies from being able to kill it too easily or too fast before others have a chance to TP, and encourages it to be called out for co-operation.

They can already be very easily duo/triod (basically pala + any high DPS) even at the current HP.

Any HP scale that reduces the base HP would seem anti-co-op and allow the things to get steamrolled even faster than now by a small maxed group before others have a chance to arrive.
If we’re talking HP scale only at the top end, to give an 85/85 realm a crystal that’s more of a beast to break, or to make a more mighty wall when half the realm has piled into the Docks, then scale away, yep!

But probably both are okay to leave as is.

I do worry that putting HP scale on everything isn’t always the answer, if it goes too far it can let players pay less regard to the progress of the dungeon (ie. leech even harder) because they know the boss can’t possibly die before they finish doing whatever the hell else is so important in the other window. (Typing this in my other window while I leech a Pcave, thanks HP scale! -joke)


My first post!

My thoughts:

  1. Dungeons like Abyss of Demons and Sprite World are designed for players who are maxing characters. For really strong players with already maxed characters, the hp buff makes no difference - instead of killing Malphas by sitting on him for 3 seconds they will now sit on him for 6 seconds. But it’s going to be a much longer fight for weak characters, which is what the dungeon is balanced for. (actually abyss might be the one exception because of white demons, but even then they aren’t that threatening)

  2. For solo play enemy hp shouldn’t be increased. In fact some things could use reduced hp when soloing - like sphinx and hermit (it really sucks to spend 30+ minutes killing ents and liches trying for a solo sphinx/tomb and then having a huge gang show up to your tomb because you couldn’t kill the sphinx in time).

  3. The scaling is not high enough. A group of 20 people usually has at least 20 times the damage per second as one person (buffs and debuffs stack when you have more of the 4 [5 counting ogmur] classes that can increase the group’s damage). In the above table, a group of 20 faces enemies with tripled hp - I would say it should be at least 10-fold (and maybe after 20 players it can scale more slowly since huge groups lose dps to lag/leechers).

  4. In wine cellar the scaling is based on the exact number of players present, not the number of players rounded to the nearest 5 or 10. I’m not sure if it’s planned to do that everywhere, but in my opinion it should be (why should a group of 9 people have it way easier than a group of 10?).


The only problem I see is that people wont drag blobombs anymore if 1st boss from shatters doesn’t have a chest


Easy fix for shatters 1st boss = do the thing like at beekeeper where an invisible entity shoots to the side to stop the broken safespot and make people actually avoid blobombs or kill them.


well that would seem like it would be the case so i dunno, it would be okay in closed groups but in public it would either be dirty or the group would have enough dps to clear the blombs, tho maybe rarely someone would drag, still better than everyone sitting still and waiting for the boss to die


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