Diamondest's overly lame ppe


what the fuck did you just say to me you little bitch? I’ll have it known that I graduated from a 12 person void and got this omni immediately after.


smh ive done solo


smh ive done it in 65 man run


smh ive done -20 person void


Why is this PPE so good


Hes a god


Just like you


Na no one is like the godly @Diamondest. i cant compare


ecookied is godlier, but he is lazy so he doesnt want to ppe rn :sob:


No you are much godlier than me


Smh I’ve never even done a void


Smh I’ve never done a fungal cavern or battle for the nexus or lost halls or void or cult or a belladonna or a lair of draconis or a mountain temple or a puppet master’s theatre or a hive or a shatters.


first keyper back… thank you bro but uh… im not sure if i need it


yay i got mock ogmur yayayayayay
kill me


Give. 8(


non-loot boosted quest chest flex




took me 150 machines, 100 if you count the one where i got dced


you got dced from a fools prism? I would have smashed something


took me like 20 xD