Disconnect when I use Samurai Ability


This started happening after the latest update. It’s not even when I’m spamming the ability. My first use of it will disconnect me, and send me to nexus.
Here is my Samurai equips ATM, if that matters at all.

it is 8/8


Happened to my 7/8 Samu when killing Ava as well…


Happens to me everytime I use and ability (projectile) and get quieted or silenced, if the projectile is still out/in the air. Same with summons.


well, i just figured out it’s not exclusive to samurai (although, the samurai one was the most annoying and most frequent)… i switched to archer since i was having problems w/ the samurai, and i get the same thing when i use my ability
also, there seems to be a common complaint of people getting disconnected from Oryx’s Castle more often than usual.
I experienced it myself.
The game is kind of at an unplayable state right now for me, so I hope a fix comes soon.


Yea, happens to all projectile abilities. Happened on my ninja, summoner and wizard multiple times.

Some people think it’s anti-cheat, so you can’t use abilities when you are quieted/silenced.
But if it happens when you use your ability everytime its wierd.

Some items were even banned on discord servers because they dc all the people in the dungeon.
I also hope they fix it soon. I can only play characters with non projectile abilities.


From what I’ve heard, this may be related to Inspired affecting all projectile-based abilities as well - but the game doesn’t expect your ability’s projectile(s) to go as fast as they do, so it DCs you.


The bugs are getting out of control since I came back… I feel your frustration.


I have gotten it almost exclusively when stunning slimes in LH so it may be related to receiving some debuff. Haven’t gotten it too many other places.


Not to promote my post but here is one example of what happened to me yesterday.


But as you said with the bard buff, 2 of my other vids I have the bard buff and got disconnected, can be something with that. Hmm…


I tried seeing myself when I’d get disconnected to test that theory out, and I was solo with no buffs OR debuffs on a couple different occasions


That is really weird!
Every time I got disconnected is when other people are in the dungeon.

I also did some testing, tried to get quiet when I used the samurai ability, and I didn’t get disconnected by that.


The primary reason for disconnecting, (tested by myself and a few guild mates), is receiving a bard buff while an ability project is still alive. On knight for example, if you use your shield, and you receive the inspire buff while your projectile is still out you will instantly disconnect on the spot.

I’ve heard that this is a direct response to how the infamous “killaura” hack works/worked; by modifying the shotspeed of projectiles. (But Disc if that were true, wouldn’t being inspired with weapon projectiles out dc us too? Well yes and no, conceptually yes, but in reality no — because I’m confident Deca had a testing session to ensure that the bug fix actually did what it was supposed to (while also breaking something on accident as well)). It’d be pretty hard for a group of devs or even closed testers to catch such a specific and easy to overlook bug; however, it would be comparatively much easier to notice whenever anyone whose firing their weapon instantly dc-s next to a bard who had just buffed. (It also doesn’t help most classes don’t need to worry about ability projectiles).

If you’re reading this and something I’ve said isn’t true, please correct me, just trying to spread accurate information :slight_smile:


The most accurate thing so far to come out of this is the “abilities that shoot projectiles” thing.
I have yet to be disconnected when I use the Summoner ability.
Other than that, Bard buff or not, I will get disconnected on Archer and ESPECIALLY Samurai for some reason.


they really need to fix this because i dont want to play a mundane wizard


Yeah it happens to me when I spam my ability.