Discord Server Events - Seal Clubbing Incarnate


Meanwhile, at Seal Clubbing Headquarters…



To be fair the complaints from OP did seem more inflamed by spriting contests, than other creative contests (gz on the win btw, and also wow at 10001585 gold).


Wilhuff out here clubbing seals :pensive:


I wanted to post an update to this thread with some more information.

Throughout the past few months several artists have continued to dominate the discord server.

Zquid, Mizumi, Tyii, Leia have all won multiple times and won significant sums. Zquid in particular has won over 100 dollars in realm gold. Mizumi, Tyii, and Leia have all won around 50-70 dollars in realm gold.

The discord staff argues that these artists win anonymously, but this is not true because the artists have a distinct style and place their signatures in the bottom.

They also continue to use smoke and mirror tactics by saying the people who lose are not bad.

Generally the discord has 2-3 art contests a month. The discord server has a cap of 3000 gold won per month, but this cap does nothing because the artists choose only to participate in the art contests and thus do not exceed the gold limit.

I wanted to keep this thread alive to let people know what’s going on.


Oh no, Artists are choosing to only participate in the art contests! I wonder why

I’ve only won like twice, both of which were writing contests, and I’m waiting for the next writing contest, so does that mean I’m seal clubbing? Its just they’re choosing to participate in the contests that they feel they have a shot at winning more than others or something they’re passionate about. I genuinely do not understand why you continue to rant against people who dedicate time and effort into their passions. Judging by your own entries and actions, you honestly don’t seem to care about the quality of your artwork, you just view it as a means to an end to get free realm gold. And in the end, the difference in deciding who wins and who doesn’t depends on how much effort and quality your final product is.


If you win to an excess of 100 dollars in realm gold yes I will say you are a seal clubber.

The discord needs to revise the cap as it serves absolutely no purpose.

As for your last point, remove the gold rewards and watch Zquid run for the hills.


Ditto to you.


That is not true I have made several backgrounds in the discord for pure enjoyment.

Leia never makes a single artwork if it’s not for the contest.

Mizumi never makes a single artwork if it’s not for the contest.

I do not believe Zquid has made artwork outside of the contest.

Tyii does.


Don’t know about the others, but I know Zquid has made artwork before outside of contests.

Also, I’ve only seen Leia win twice before, and I’ve won 3 times, so does that make me more of a seal clubber than the ones you have named?

Also I’d like to add that ranting here, on a forum that is unaffiliated with the rotmg discord or deca games isn’t going to accomplish anything other to continuously make yourself look bad. There’s nothing anyone here can do about your complaints and all we see is that you’re complaining loudly that you’re not winning any contests, attacking the people who did win on the unspoken basis that they actually put time and dedication to their craft. Your argument of ‘They won too many times’ is baseless because its a competition not a charity where the winners change every time regardless of the quality of the work presented. If I wrote a story that was literally one sentence saying, “I stabbed Oryx in the balls and he dies.” do you think that deserves to win over someone who wrote a story with interesting and creative characters, vivid imagery, and character conflict?


why have you two IDOTS revived this thread

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Why you blaming me? He was the one who revived it! I just can’t help but point out his insanity and absurd logic.


I do not think the way we handle contest winners will change anytime in the near future. This is because you are the only person to have ever complained about this and you complaining more isn’t going to change it. Most people are happy with how it works and so we will keep it like that.

You say it is unjust that the same people keep winning over and over again but I think not letting the best (best is obviously subjective) win is unjust. Do you think the Olympics should stop a country from winning more medals after a certain threshold? For example, if they were like “sorry USA, you won 5 gold medals so we are going to take this one and give it to Canada instead.” Sure, the Olympics and a discord server are two vastly different things but I think my point still stands.

You also seem to be under the impression that just because an entry doesn’t win makes that entry bad. I really don’t see how this can be the case. Sure, the entry isn’t as good as the winners (again, subjective) but that also doesn’t mean it is bad. We often get way more than 5 entries that we consider good but we simply can’t have all of them win.

Regarding your point about anonymous grading, it is true that some artists have distinct art styles and such and there really isn’t anything we can do about that. But believe me when I say we never try to make someone win or try to make someone lose. We pick the best that we have and those just happen to be usually the same artists. If someone new submits and amazing piece of work then obviously they are going to win. We don’t get any secret enjoyment out of having someone lose “just because” either.

I just find it odd that you have some sort of extreme hatred at some people just for winning contests. Some of the things you say is borderline toxicity towards some of the winners which is just awful by itself. You should be congratulating people for winning not putting them down.

To say that some of the winners have never made “a single artwork if it’s not for the contest” is just clearly false. Do you think that these people just all of a sudden became great artists? Obviously they have spent ton of time practicing to become good at art. Just because you don’t see their other art doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Ultimately, we can’t be perfect and there are probably a ton of things we could do better to make everyone happy. At the same time, we are mods for a discord server. We pick new mods based on how well we think they can moderate not how well they can host a contest. These server events are just something on the side that we do for fun. This doesn’t mean we don’t care about server events or anything, we care about them a lot and try to make them the best we can but we have other responsibilities too. None of us get anything in return for doing this and Deca is kind enough to let us give people gold for winning. You don’t lose anything for not winning so I don’t understand why you are so angry and rude about all this. If you consider someone a seal clubber just for participating in and winning contests then I just don’t know what to say.


Idk man, maybe it’s because they’re good artists?

ok, that’s because they’ve won multiple times xD

For all they know, this is true. Being the victor only implies that your submission was better, not that the others were bad or made bad art.

ok, and?

Again, why does this matter? The fact remains that their art was deemed better than yours!

@moderators can you move this to wc please?


normally id give an actual response explaining why im annoyed at this but i think ill do this instead


One of your old submissions.
Reverse image search…

Stock photo.

Normally, I wouldn’t criticize someone for creating artwork using a stock image and some copy pasted sprites since I can appreciate the effort that goes into making all artwork. I’m not a particularly good artist myself, and I would unironically congratulate the artist on doing a good job.

But right now I think I’m perfectly fine with taking your opinion, not fact, with a grain of salt and laughing at how pathetic your attempts at getting free realm gold are

If you wanna win, then create art that doesn’t look like something a primary school child made.


Backpedal- slams people who have put time and effort into their submissions on the basis he didn’t win

Also backpedal- sticks realm sprites onto a stock image and calls it a day

Lots of effort there I see.


Nice find, we will keep this in mind for future contests since we were not aware of this


You said yourself, on this very thread, that the money was also a motivation for you and that not getting it made you feel like you wasted your time:

so what leg do you have to stand on?

I feel bad for you. All these people in this thread and not a single one on your side. But at the same time, I really don’t know what point you’re even trying to make. This whole thread reads like you’re just throwing a tantrum because you weren’t showered with praise and rewards for everything you did.


I’d be amazed if you looked at a piece of art that wasn’t Zquid’s for more than 5 seconds.

At least I can rest knowing you’ll spend more time trying to analyze my submission!


hey, minimum (or moderate you can’t tell if he didn’t put effort into the submission you peanut) effort and reaping maximum rewards is a generally good idea.

primary school children aren’t competent enough to put a decent filter over anything. tho not putting the filter on the sprites as well deserves the death penalty, sorry backpedal.

incorrect, im sorta(?) on backpedals side, because there’s always a little bit of bias when making decisions like this in contests, but other than that I can’t stand with anything else because its all speculation or baseless accusations.

though he is right about one thing, it IS objectively a waste of time going into a contest that has “cash” prizes and not winning one of the prizes you were going for. And no, “getting better” isn’t a reward in of itself, its a given.

for real though, stop necroing this thread, its boring looking at sperg outs over the same thing, this includes me as well.

ayy thread is closed, thanks. it was getting too toxic, even for me. But we have ourselves to blame for this mess, or not either way it was funny before it devolved into a circle jerk ganging up on backpedal.