Do You Consider Yourself F2P Or P2W?

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Just wondering what the demographics looks like.


I’d say I’m both…
Initially I was f2p but I wanted more access to more classes so I got a character slot…

Regardless, I primarily consider myself f2p because that is the only purchase I’m ever going to have on my account


I’m a pure F2P, i never spent a dime on this game, and my only source of gold are discord contests.


P2W, I have all chest slots unlocked (took me a bit more than 300+ USD) but I have 7 character slots.


why? most youtubers don’t even have all the chest slots haha.

but yeah, i guess i’m a bit p2w. bought 2 char slots and 3 vault slots. I’m never going to spend money on boxes though.


Well to store my stuff in of course. I store junk stuff like T9-12 weapons, T10-T13 Armor, T4-T6 Abilities/Rings and couple White Bag loots.


The only time I ever paid for anything was the entry fee for the unity campaign. That was more of a “thank you” from me to them for the good times I’ve had, and I still had to earn my way to those ranks to make any progress without forging out more money. Supporting the Unity transition and still being in possession of the Energy Signet was completely worth it too! :sweat_smile:
Otherwise, yeah, f2p, because I don’t count that as p2w.
Also, I literally just realized as I’m typing this that I need to go update my Realmeye page description… whoops…


I paid to get some more characters and vaults, I paid to get a skin or two, but I have not and do not plan to buy any pet food, ST chests, or anything that relates to actually making the game easier or anything.


Never spent money on the game. In the earlier years of my account I thought about it a bit, but after seeing how often deca gives out char/vault slots, I’ve felt zero pressure to purchase anything.

Why spend money on anything when I can leech off of other people’s keys and wait for deca’s next care package?


I have never spent a dime on this game and I do not plan on starting anytime soon.

(Probably why I still have a rare pet)


It never ceases to amaze me how much people buy keys, let alone chests and char slots. My philosophy for every game is that if you pay to hurry your progress along, you’ll both grow tired of the game faster with less to do, and you’re more broke because of it.


Don’t worry, I’ve got a legendary halfway to max, and I’ve never payed to have it fed. Dreams can come true!


Yeah lol! Almost got a 2nd rare pet so basically all I need now is like 15k more fame to upgrade the pet yard lol


i’ve never spent a cent on the game, if i do it would probably be for skins or something


I have F2P Rare and aiming for Legendary.

Get all your characters and load them with at least Boot and Thirsty. That’s what I do on almost all characters nowaday. EZ fame bonuses.

That’s me right here.


Spend like ~250 Euros over the years in total, almost all on slots, vaults and pet food


There is an extra, slightly more obscure term that some games use that I think more communities should be aware of, and that’s c2p (cheap-to-play), a category of players that spend money on the game in small quantities and isn’t very game changing.

Cuz I’m not someone who dumps a triple-digit amount of cash into the game per month or even $50 per month, I usually drop $5-10 per month and that’s my budget, usually for weekly packs or for a mystery box or two. To be fair I’ve also played this game for many years, so over time that does accumulate.


F2P. No point in spending money other than purchasing the game itself. Even after playing video games for a good time, I still fail to understand why some people use real currency to obtain a few special pixels or an advantage in a platform that’s literally just for fun.


P2w but been around for 8 years so its not that bad per hour. But I consider it to be cheaper than f2p because my time is not free. Also it would be almost impossible to have almost 2 maxed divine pets, many vaults and character slots… + ton of fun with key openings.


Aside from buying a Slime Knight skin off the market, F2P.