Does anyone know how to transfer items between mules on a macbook?


Hi, I’m a very old player who sporadically returns to ROTMG to lose 8/8s and have a taste of that sweet 2012 nostalgia.

I haven’t played on the exalt client previously and had come to the realisation today that I have no clue how I am meant to transfer items between all the mules I’ve accumulated.

If anyone can help or direct me I would greatly appreciate it.


Let us know if this still works :slight_smile:


I will try this immediately ty.

It works but damn is it laggy and annoying. I will most likely consolidate my supplies onto 1-2 accounts in the future.


As the person who wrote that guide, yes it’s laggy. It takes several seconds to switch between accounts. Thankfully that was fast enough to trade, where you can ask to trade then reply with many seconds delay, then spend as long as you like choosing items, and wait again for many seconds to finish the trade after the other ‘player’. Add to that the time setting it up each time, Not something you want to be doing very often.

I did use it on a decent Mac too – an old one but one with 16GB of RAM which is enough to have two copies of the game in memory at once. But the game uses a lot of RAM, and doing it with less, with e.g. 8GB, would likely force it to load the game into and out of memory as you switched, making it much slower.


My mac only has 8GB of RAM, but I managed to have both games up. However, my mac is a newer gen one with the M1 chip, so i think it has better processing power? Idk but I managed it but damn I would rather individually sell items/convert them then do like 40 trades across 13 accounts.


I have an M1 Macbook, which alongside my older desktop simplifies trading somewhat – I no longer need to use the fast user switching approach.

The M1 is a stupidly powerful CPU, but it struggles with RotMG as it’s not a native app on the M1. RotMG is still an Intel x86 app, which runs on an emulator so needs even more memory, on top of the Gigabytes this little pixel game needs.

They should have added M1/Apple Silicon support to RotMG long ago – the first M1 Macs came out 2 years ago. The emulator was only meant to be a temporary solution, for older apps that will never be updated, for newer apps until they release an Apple Silicon version. Every other app I use is Apple Silicon native. and there’s no excuse now for releasing an app without Apple Silicon support.


Wait can u explain this to me in simple terms? So the Exalt launcher is an emulator?


Apple Silicon is a new CPU technology. It’s an evolution of CPUs from phones and tablets, but the M1 is the first version designed for desktop and laptop PCs. It’s completely different from Intel x86 (Intel chips have various names such as Core, i5, i7 but they are all x86) which Apple used before M! for its PCs.

Because it’s completely different software written for x86, i.e. for the Macs before the M1 was released, won’t run on M1. Just like e.g. PC games won’t run on consoles or vice versa. To deal with this Apple created an emulator Rosetta 2. This isn’t normally a good solution but the M1 is so powerful, and Apple are so good at writing emulators (this is the second time they’ve done this – the first was the original Rosetta) it works very well:

Both the Launcher and game are x86 so use the emulator. Definitely quit the launcher once it’s done its job, to unload it and its emulator instance from memory.


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