Dungeon Chaining Has Become Toxic


I really don’t like the current state of dungeon chaining in this tumor of a game. People have become quite toxic as of recently with all the dungeon events and it’s becoming an issue that’s growing. Honestly why can’t deca stop with dungeon events every weekend, this is fucking up the economy, dividing the playerbase (in my opinion) and it’s overall hurting the longevity of the game by making people only do content when a event rolls up.


I NeEd EvEnT ChEsT BeCaUsE I Am ToO PuSsY To PlAy ThE GaMe


I NEED IT MOAR, btw im gonna leach in the corner until you get to boss.

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who doesnt like to sit in uss all day


tbh, i would definitely appreciate chest events for xmas, easter, etc


but its overkill if event is every wknd tho


The main issue with dungeon events is that it discourages playing the game outside of them if you didn’t manage to get the desired item(s).

Let me give an example.

There’s a Puppet Encore Chest Event, people sitting in Nexus waiting for the dungeon to be popped, people get two chances at whites per dungeon, alright, 3 days until the event is over.

Then what? Let’s say you wanted the Prism of Dire Instability, but you didn’t get it during the event, you won’t simply go now to a Realm, close it, do Janus and do Encore because if you did a quite large amount of them during the Chest Event and didn’t get the Prism, you actually feel discouraged now to go farm for it in the way it was intended.

The above example is likely more common when it comes down to the ST Sets.

There needs to be a middle ground with these events, just make them during holidays (like Halloween and Christmas) so people don’t feel burnt out.

In a related note, i’m the only one that thinks that theses events are totally random? I mean, why we have an event with the Parasite Chambers and the Lair of Draconis? Feels…off.

Not to mention it’s quite weird to do a Lair of Draconis event when a rework was shown some weeks ago, they should’ve saved it for when the rework is released on the main game.


Are you doing dungeon chains with the max eff discord? It would explain a lot.


nope, nor have I ever heard of these shmucks. I did happen to stumble upon a cloth bazaar chain of paras earlier today (hosted by Orbit I think). but Idk if that was a discord or just normal players (there were a lot of yellow/whitestars in there).

the chain happened in USWest


Yep that was max efficiency, the most toxic group of realm players to ever exist. The rl and the key popper (name u mentioned) were talking throughout and have got to be the most rude, inconsiderate, narcissistic people I’ve ever had to listen to. Not to mention they’re complete no lifes.

I kinda went off topic but I hope it can correlate with how chest events are toxic.

And I completely agree with everything you said in the original post.


Did they ever mention me? cuz I fucked up one of the runs since I accidently chopped their train in half by rushing to boss, my “group” was already at boss, while the original train was clearing out the enemies.
Some guy also threatened to kick people if they didn’t tp to the original group, lol.


I don’t know, my guildie got booted and suspended for rushing to boss. (Attempting to ruin players boots on the ground).

Before that, I tped to a rusher on my last parasite for the day before the main group got there. Apparently me and everyone else who tped were put on a ‘kick list’, because rushing isn’t allowed. (I was completely muted so I didn’t hear anything)

This is maximum lvl pettiness

If this is how realm players are going to act during an event then I don’t want anymore of them.


I’m just gonna say one last thing before this becomes a circle jerk/witch hunt:

That is peak autism. the fact they have a list like that is so stupid that idk what to think really. But hey, I guess im not a pro rotmg gaymer who spends 500$ on events. Also, the way you’ve described them makes em sound like even bigger pathetic piles of shit than me. and for those reasons, I rather not interact with them more than I have to.

The stuff above is exactly why I don’t like dungeon chains anymore

I rather not sorry, I don’t wanna join just to be kicked and yelled at :slight_smile:

Edit: hero I speech eglish


I dislike dungeon events but I still feel obligated to do because otherwise I feel like I’m missing out on easy loot.


I hate to say this out of fear of sounding like an ass, chainer has the right to kick whoever the fuck he wants. Is he right for kicking people out of pettiness? No. But does he have the right to? Yes, sadly, he does.


pretty much my main point

(also, having a kick list is downright retarded and indefensible in most circumstances).

(besides why bother with only allowing openings in cloth bazaars to kick lol, might as well make it any dungeon opening).


If you want to add something to your posts, you can just edit them.


So you basically crashed their run, went straight to boss while the group was clearing, and you’re complaining that they are toxic?


Are we talking Paras here?

@WindowsHDD @PLEBJESUS did you guys actually rush private Para Chambers and then complain about getting kicked?


I’ve said it once in this thread I think, but max eff is meant to do dungeons fast, and at the cost of the players.

Many of the members of slm do max eff halls and die frequently. No thanks, I’ll stick with pub (I also used to do mch but…).

The people that max eff attracts are naturally impatient and toxic. I ran with them a couple times and my top tip is to join the discord call, plug in headphones and leave em on the desk. They can’t force you to listen so fuck em.