Dungeon Chaining Has Become Toxic


It’s more of a crippling addiction for me, or at least was.

After a certain point you get burned out pretty much, from all the chest events, dying and loosing you kendo sticks, and just the [Friendly and Welcoming community} that resides in this game.

True, you could do ppes or npes or other challenges to spice up gameplay (like a T0 item only challenge or something idk).


Popping keys for people has overall attracted more entitled pricks and toxicity in my opinion. Imagine spending money to pop for people, but you get a couple of people whining about “Screw tomb lol” “Why OT?” “Ew ice cave disgusting” and very few “ty”

That’s this community in a nutshell, ungrateful people who, unlike the older batch of players, have no respect to the person who has decided to spend money for their enjoyment and potential prizes. These days I just save my keys for my guildies, and LH+Shatters keys for the Pub Halls and Shatters discord, because at the very least they still respect those who pop for them.


actually, I have been eyeing thicket staff for quite a while but never got to farm it until chest event.
I didn’t get it during the event so I kept doing thicket instead of oryx until I got it yesterday.

I would never have had the drive to do it had it not been for chest event and everyone hyping for the staff


All of those sound like me lol. But most people don’t even say anything, not even an insult tbh.

Which is why I barely pop keys for the most part, too many ungr8ful people who don’t even say ty for the most part. Besides, when I do it’s just so that I can piggy pack off you shmucks, and get my free loot :slight_smile: . Sure that’s really jaded and mean spirited, but people are generally rood/uncaring, so why should I show any compassion back, especially towards strangers?

disgusting, how dare you pop for these discords I really don’t like, I hope you stub your toe on a Lego™ Castle.



What instructions? All I heard was douchey nonsensical ramblings that never ended. Just listening to you bozos talk made me want to blow my fucking brains out. If you guys were actually saying something important half the time I would never mute myself.

I love this style of raiding, I just cannot stand your petty bs. The unnecessary toxicity to raiders and snark comments are just absolutely maddening. Some of you need to take a break from the game, go outside, and chill the hell out.


Then don’t participate in their runs.

They ask you to listen, or leave. Both options are on the table, but you can’t just disregard their rules and expect the same benefits as someone who follows them.


You repeated what he said already

Not looking to start arguments. I said what I wanted to say so I’m done.


God damn it, you guys KEEP FUCKING DERAILING THE THREAD >:((((

(also @PLEBJESUS I blame you for me making an ass out of myself, hope you get ligma and lose all of your kendo sticks).


Woah now I didn’t ask to reply to every single person lol. You remind me of me from a year ago arguing on the forums, so cute🤗

And if anyone thinks your an ass then that’s pretty stupid, people are naturally defensive.

Getting back on topic, I really hate dungeon events because it relies heavily on people purchasing keys for others enjoyment.
It causes the f2p dungeon farmers to become extremely selfish and dependent on these few players.
When someone chains dungeons in a server, chances are, no one will reward them or give them a simple thank you for popping.

Nothing about that seems right at all.


That’s theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee jooooooooookkkkeeee.

Also call me cute again and I’ll eat you :imp: (metaphorically of course, literally is just nasti and rood)

yuppers, at this point, it’s mostly Deca’s fault for that tbh.

I mean, they don’t have to, but it is definitely fucking rude to not do so. It’s like someone buying a ticket for you to a ride, you take it and just leave without saying thank you.


Well, not completely. They don’t really have much to work with since they weren’t the ones who invented dungeon keys. At least you can tell they’re trying to do something new when they put out a realm chest event or an oryx chest.

Nice comparison compadre👍

oof. r/wooosh


In my opinion, all discords and guilds respect poppers so I’m happy to pop for any of them. I’ll also pop for people I’ve met in game who are nice. The real ungrateful people are the ones who sit in uss and want to do the event. Even discords like maximum efficiency will respect someone who has popped keys and allow them to leech etc.


I don’t think the introduction thread is a megathread for welcomes, is it really?


I don’t think this was a megathread for arguing about discords or keys but here we were. So I guess this can be a welcome thread as well.


I suppose I perhaps should have posted it in the general chat thread.

There’s no welcome thread and the introduction thread is more for if someone wants to introduce themselves. It’d be weird to invite someone to introduce themselves if they didn’t really want to.


I don’t need to call you out on “peak autism”. It is socially accepted in this day and age that the only people who use the term as a derogatory term are edgelords, anons, and idiots. For example, urban dictionary is a good place to show that the internet’s attitude towards this insult has changed over the years. Twenty five, twenty, fifteen years ago the internet was much more ignorant, as was the world, with physical and mental illnesses, but there has been a social paradigm shift in attitude towards those who use such terms. The only outliers of this, exist in professional comedy… but I doubt you have a career in that.

In the other hand, society at large still uses sexuality to deem others as alien, stupid, inferior, lesser. We are in a current societal shift from attitudes held from the twentieth century, but there’s still progress to be made. So I called you out.

You claim that gaymer is not derogatory? Then what is it? A compliment? Are you a gaymer? Is your mother a gaymer?

“gay-mer” is a portmanteau of “gay” and “gamer”. It is in lieu of such mashups as “furfag”. It uses sexuality to attack someone or a group of individuals on the basis of sexuality, masculinity, or intelligence.


And don’t you dare try to say it’s just someone who is gay that plays games. Do I gaywer in the bathtub? Do I gayrush my teeth? Do I gayrite with my pencil on my test, making me a gayester, during my academic life as a gaydent? If I am arrested, do they put me in with the prisoners or the fellow gaysoners? Do I need a special license to handle food from the state, or can I continue being a restaurant gayager? When I’m dropping off my kids at their basketball games, am I a gayaperone? Am I a supporting gayrent? Do my kids love their gayther? Tell me, when I talk am I gayversationalist, or something else? At my funeral, will I be gayried in the ground or will be me gaymated into ash? I enjoyed programming a lot, does that make me a gayobbyist? Or a true gaygammer? When I file tax returns, should I say that I’m a naturally born gaytizen? When I play videogames, am I a gaymer?


You can call me out, which is fine. I call people out all the time, when I have a problem with it is when you slap words like homophobic on me or anyone else for really not good reasons.

I initially thought it was a made up word, which was why I used it( since it’s a dumb play on words wich is funni ha ha funi fni). when you implied it was some sort of slur I looked into it, and found stuff that didn’t use it as a slur or derogatory term, and instead was a lesser known thing.

a quick excerpt from the Wikipedia page on it.

Gaymer and gay gamer are umbrella terms used to refer to the group of people who identify themselves as gay and have an active interest in video games or tabletop games, also known as gamers. Lesbian, bisexual, and transgender gamers are often categorized under this term.

(heres the full link to it btw https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaymer)

the official(?) subreddit for it https://www.reddit.com/r/gaymers/
and a site called gaymerx https://gaymerx.org/about-us

uh… it actually is…

But that’s about all I have to say honestly. I don’t hate you or anything @HeyItsWii, I just didn’t like how it SEEMED like you were ignoring the context of the original post from my perspective, just like how the wording in the post SEEMED to be homophobic from your perspective. so yeah, that’s about it from me since I don’t have much to say about the societal portion of it (mainly since my intention with the wording wasn’t related), other than it’s alright to be gay/bisexual/trans/rock/whatever you want really.

as for your 2nd post I actually don’t have anything to say since I’m very confused by it since most of them don’t have a pun scheme to them like gaymer, except gayried I guess but that doesn’t sound right since it sounds like gary.

besides, the original post was a sperg out of the millennia anyway since I lacked the braincells to look for context, but I’m a skeptic ™ so is alright ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°).

Edit: Gaytar doesn’t have a good pun scheme either, as it has two strong vowels which make it sound really weird. Gyeetar sounds much better imo and makes more sense.


It’s ironic how talking about toxic behavior devolved into a toxic discussion here.
Y’all need to chill out, and realize this is just a game.



welcome to clown world :clown_face: :earth_americas: