Dungeon Design Spec Contest


Copied from a Deca post on Reddit by u/Deca_Dytto 22hrs ago:

And to underline, the entries have to be via the >>>SUBMIT HERE <<<.
But no reason you can’t advertise your creation here, I guess, too?!

In-game graphic for this contest, from the news section on Exalt:





10 page limit huh. Puffa is crying >v<


I hope they’re not that anal about it but just something to note. Hopefully it’s only past creations, not ones made for the purpose of this.


I would do it, but I don’t want to sprite.


it says not to include any art, so no need for sprites!


Oh, I swear I read something about needing spritesheets. Time to get to work I guess!


Deca really out here wanting even more unpaid labor lmao


Especially since they are only allowing submissions that haven’t been shared to the community, so it would be a new dungeon to anyone but the creator.

Edit: And I know it’s so it’s only new ideas


especially especially since they’re monetizing content they don’t even make and get for free so heavily


I don’t get why people use this as an argument. Nothing is being held against the ugc, they make content for the game because they are passionate for it and are volunteers. They aren’t forced into it as what you’re saying would suggest.

Also the winning dungeons aren’t even guaranteed to get into the game. Just enjoy the contest for what it is, a celebration of the community’s creativity.


The template used was a general template, and it still listed art as being necessary. Not to worry, for this contest, it’ll bee unnecessary!

also UGC peeps can’t join from what I know =w=


My favorite part is when UGC make STs for free and then get sold for $650.


Yes. Thank you. More than that, people are also saying DECA is ignoring the stability. This will not take time away from DECA’s work on the DC issue and they stated that. This is something completely separate. Also, I’m just a random guy with no coding experience or stuff like that and they are giving me the chance to design a dungeon. Even if it doesn’t get implemented into the game, there are rewards. Because detailed sprites and super detailed mechanics aren’t required, it lowers the standards for everyone and more people can have fun and compete. For me, I can’t play RotMG at the moment and I haven’t played in 3 weeks. This is a great thing for me so that I could still interact with RotMG. My nightmare, however, is that I cannot claim my UT of choice if I win.


Never said the UGC was being forced into anything, just pretty pathetic that they rely on the UGC for literally all of their content and monetize the living hell out of it when they don’t even compensate the UGC members with anything other than some in-game items.

Especially the ST items they’ve been releasing recently, making them pay to win only for months on end is bad enough, but they also got them completely for free, so they’re making fuck tons of money and not actually paying the people that make the content for the game.


If you assume ugc want any “compensation” then you’re completely wrong. You’re still getting the impression that ugc are anything but volunteers who chose to do what they do. They can quit at any time and there is no binding contract.

Also the fact that ugc are making the sts means a lot better balancing to items. As for the p2w part I agree, but they will still make sts regardless of if ugc do it for them.


Exactly, and that makes it even worse. Deca would make them op if they weren’t made for free.


this isn’t my point

my issue with it is that they rely pretty much entirely on the UGC, and just keep pumping out more and more heavy monetization

Deca is making fuck tons of money and they’re relying on an unpaid team for literally all of their content, the UGC’s existence isn’t my issue, UGC is a good thing, but Deca isn’t paying people to make more content, they’re just letting the game sit and releasing content they aren’t paying to have made and they’re raking in fuck tons of money from it.

My issue is that if UGC didn’t exist we just wouldn’t have any content releases because Deca isn’t making any content themselves.

Pretty much all the updates that come out are just to release more monetized content, and actual content takes forever to come out.

ofc Exalt’s release has been taking up much of their development power, but they could definitely do much better, we keep hearing about cool ideas like UT exchange, new vault system shit like that but looking at the stuff that’s been released over the past decently long period of time, they aren’t prioritizing the things they should be, and they just keep releasing updates that make the game worse overall, atleast in my opinion. (Soulbinding STs, yet keeping them in mystery boxes. Making more STs but monetizing them even more heavily than they have in the past. running constant events that are there solely to have people spend more money on keys, or even campaigns.)

I thought Deca was decent for a while after they took over the game but they’re just worse than Kabam, people trash talk Kabam for being money hungry and not doing much for the game, but Deca’s even worse than they were.


…and then Toast, Kidd, and Uni all became actual Deca members.
Do you seriously think UGC is the main driving force behind Oryx 3? That they can do virtually anything in terms of new mechanics other than utilize them, after they were made by Deca members?

You’ve idolized UGC and put them on a much higher pedestal than they actually are (with no offense to my fellow UGC members). Saying that Deca creates no content is a blatant lie.


They’ve only been able to do O3 these past couple months. The majority of anything monetized in recent times has been UGC. Only thing I can recall not being that are the ability effects, the rest was all UGC. STs, Skins, and well, even non-monetized if we factor in Agents of Oryx abilities, but that can somewhat be classified as it since events.

Good thing they managed to squeeze some time out for a great April Fool’s update though! Most important update of the year obviously.