Enemies disappearing still in attack animation; become invisible and invincible


This has only popped up for me while playing Samurai and killing an enemy with a wakizashi. Instead of dying they disappear and and their final attack continues, with common enemies leaving their range and returning respawns them, however with bosses I have found no way to make them come back.


They are not invincible, aoe effects kill them in that state [ie. genesis spell(and diplo), traps, doku, etc.]

Or to make them reappear you get them out of your render zone and come back, for bosses i dunno, run to the farthest place in the boss room from them i guess, or use any aoe at your disposal


I have also gotten this glitch numerous times since MOTMG started, mainly in Shatters but I got it for the first time outside that dungeons vs. an Ent Ancient today. Fortunately I was able to kill each of them as they glitched, but I have also nearly died several times due to enemies continuing to attack despite appearing exactly as though they have died with no healers to bring them back.