Erm... what the hell [Load error, retrying - Too many failed logins]


EDIT: It now works. It was a mix of an account error and my anti-virus blocking it from my wifi, so it never loaded. Deactivated McAfree and it works fine.


That happens when you repeatedly go to the menu too many times. This is also common when using muledump.
Just dont login for 10 minutes and it should be fixed.


No, this has been going on for over an hour.


Not just a login error, the cycling isn’t cause of imgur. It just goes and goes and goes.


Alright I;'ll go for a break, but it’s been running in the background for a while and it hasn’t stopped.


You have to close it and restart after 10 minutes. Timer doesn’t start until after you closed the game. If you open game befor 10 minutes, 10 minute duration restarts




Still having the issue after leaving it, and closing the projector for an hour.


It’s already stated above but

Close your game and don’t open it for 10 minutes!


It also sometimes happen when you use multiple accounts at once, I believe.

Leave it for a day or something. If it still doesn’t work, contact DECA.


Left it for a day, still didn’t work.


It would be nice if Deca would take a little responsibility and have a message at the bottom of the screen saying something like, “Sorry, we can’t figure this error out. Try again in 10 minutes” instead of blaming the player with the ridiculous “too many failed logins” message._


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