Every Server is Full [Seems Fixed Now]


I really enjoy the Heroic Dungeons, but I can’t do them because of the bug with all the servers being full (or Bert?).
I hope it gets fixed soon.


why are people opening heroics?


This will take a while, I suspected bert to do something like this on before motmg.


I just wanted to play my game… Now I guess I’ll go back to age of mythology…


A free campaign, you get points in the heroic Abyss and Udl.


He said he would.


As annoying as all this is, and as much as I would like to get back to running Heroic Dungeons, I’m almost… glad, this is happening? It’s been a looong time since we had something significant happen to this game. Last really impressive one being, of course, Swatsec (this includes the nexus floods AND the webpage hijack). In a few months, even a few years, this will be another Swatsec, in the sense it’ll be a fun tale to tell the l-blues of the olden days. Be glad you’re here with us to experience and witness.


Probably a bit bad phrasing, I meant why are people bothering to open heroics rn during the attack?


don’t think people are opening heroics during the attack.


They are. Well i saw like 4 in uss talking with heteraa


there are still opening ones in uss


taken just now


They were opening it before the attack, technically. And it’s because of the campaign going on, right now. You get items from said heroic dungeons that give 25 points towards the campaign. Plus, they changed them to be JUST the boss room, no more dungeon rushing/clearing, just boss.


But, why?
Prob they don’t care and they have a ton of money.


well i get a whole realm to myself now x)


Same, I’m in USW with like… 3 other people.


until you connect to a dungeon or nexus and then off you go.


rip friday event


It’s very annoying no one on the official forums is willing to talk about the “specifics” of this.


Deca: fixes this issue
Me: We might get a chance at getting a free pack atleast.