Every Server is Full [working atm]


wth it’s back…


Huh, weird.

-> Changed title, since it’s back in effect, as it seems.


bert again?


this is honestly cancer


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lol cant even get into the title screen


In the United States, the people that take part in DDoS attacks run the risk of being charged with legal offenses at the federal level, both criminally and civilly. The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) is the applicable law (18 U.S.C. §1030).


i think that the reason that the servers were not full in the morning is bc that is when bert is on (he told me he has like 500 accs) soo i feel like he plays in the morning and then when he has enough he turns on his botting program of whatever it is and the servers are like this for the rest of the day


ruining the game for everyone else. acting like a butthurt child.


Kinda weird that this keeps happening. Might be a server issue on Deca’s part?


no, i’m pretty sure it’s still bert


might not be bert



Don’t think I’ve heard of…whoever this is.
Some poor Deca intern who keeps messing with the servers on accident? lmao


bert. he’s a pretty well known uhh… griefer? hes done stuff like this before


make as you needed to type a code sent to your cellphone to enter the game… something like steam guard or something else…
problem solved


Well this is…

Why do this?




Of course it’s bert, compare literally everything else sent by that account to that thread.


are u sure bc i dont think its him his behavior has changed on discord and he no longer chats in max eff non stop (like he used to) he might be telling the truth for once…


ive been keeping up with bert’s antics for the past two years and it just keeps getting better. love this, its good fun watching the community melt down over this