Every Server is Full [working atm]


hacker doing hacker things
normal people: aw dang, shucks, oh well
rotmg community: m u r d e r


It’s not me ok…

Why would I do this, I’m not salty or anything to hack/DDoS realm


Im pretty sure they where joking


bert like a told u before the only way deca would consider not banning your accs is doing something nice for the community or some thing like that


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Internet people can be a scary monkas


No, that’s Chennitoa.


How do you know they’re joking?




He did something that would cause him to make him get banned…and now he thinks that doing a bannable offence would get his account back. Grow the fuck up bert


First of all, I’m not nine
Second, I’m not raging
Third, realm isn’t my favorite game

It’s one of them, but…


They’re most likley are dude…most people know its bert so calm down @ALECYDARQ


It could be made up you know, to protect the hacker’s identity


Just saying


Lets not make this into a bigger thing shall we?


cmon dude its not funny. i know complaints wont really change your opinion, and this wont either most likely, but can you just let us play.


im still not able to get in lol


Nothing is gained from addressing the public. This can agitate the playerbase, and provide the hacker with more of an ego trip / self gratification.


It can’t get any bigger, it’s already big


anyone have any idea of when we will be able to play again