Exalt Blind


I get the fact that blind is supposed to make your vision worse, button exalt, I literally cannot see a thing. Especially in mbc, the black bullets that blind you are just so annoying. I just think blind is too op on exalt. :frowning:


Good News: It has lived up to its name.


Yeah, it’s terrible.

On this matter, personally, I don’t think negative status effects should be used so frequently literally everywhere, since this is a bullet hell game. They are always annoying and sometimes don’t make sense in the context they’re used (for example, MBC is a plain stone boss and gives 10 different status effects).

In a “void” battle I’d agree that blind and darkness fit very well, even cursed, but not slowed or etc. Slowed fits well for the big heavy stone boss.

I’d say focusing on pure pattern damage spam of shots, tile changing (tiles that do damage) and dodging would be more fun. You don’t get blinded randomly in touhou, it’s just you and your dodging skills alone.

Btw this is not 100% related but still, I remembered rotmg still lacks a “precise dodging” key. >Deca.


i’m fine with all the negative status effects, although it is annoying when a rl doesn’t end the afk check because there is only 1 puri. Blind is literally just black screen in bullet hell and perma death game?


I agree, it is particularly broken in Exalt. I don’t think blind should exist in the game at all. It’s artificial difficulty that compromises the actual gameplay (hitting baddies and dodging bullets) without substituting it with a good test of skill or tactics. It also affects people with poorer eyesight significantly worse for a gimmicky trick that’s not fun for anyone. I have a similar gripe with paralyze, and a dissimilar one with confuse which is bad for different reasons.

A game that does it right in its context is Enter the Gungeon. There is a challenge mode condition which gives you two conical light sources extending to opposite sides of the player and rotating with the crosshair. It forces you to constantly scope out what’s around you to know what’s coming.


Actually for me blind made my screen black in flash and in exalt i can still see

theres still that frame drop though


What I really hate about blind is that its effect heavily depends on your monitor setup.
For some monitors / systems everything just becomes a little darker, for others you can’t see a bloody thing.

I’d prefer if blind was just removed from the game entirely and replaced with darkness where practical, or applied a different kind of visual effect, perhaps something like old hardware-accelerated drunk.
At least that way it’s fair between players with different setups.


Off topic but I remember one Vet RL saying he’d suspend all mystics or trixes who’d leave the run even though we didn’t have a puri, blind was fucking everyone over and I said I was lagging really badly.

Yeah, lost my Magmatic mystic that run.


aw that sucks :((


Thanks bro, appreciate it.
I’m on a quest to hunt down all ST sets in the game, currently 2/4 on the new mystic!

[here we go grinding abysses again]


ooo gl to you! Also that sounds really tedious but really fun at the same time.


Sorry but… what a entitled cunt.


But how’d he even be able to check


Looks like abyss is getting a rework for MOTMG. Do you think it would be a better time to grind them out now or after the rework?

Honestly I think now. You can rush them pretty easy with Paladin, and with vital combat everything is going to take longer so unless if they up drop rates I think now is the best time. And who knows if the rework is going to make the dungeon harder or not. I think it will make it harder.


Yeah, I think I modmailed him so hopefully something happens.

There were a lot of people who were really nervous about fullskipping(since it was an MBC Chain) as our priest had nexused and I’d said before that I was lagging really badly, but he said anyways that if we’d leave we’d get suspended.

I wish I’d gotten it in writing; they ended up not chaining since I was one of two mystics, but I was still pretty mad.


I’m assuming since he’d have mystics and trixes locked, but honestly there’d probably be no way to really check.


Definitely now; that’s what I’m currently doing. They’re a breeze to rush on Warrior, Knight, or Pally, and fun too!


this man finna be a comedian


Yes, unfortunately