Exalt Features, Bard Changes, and Videos [Exalt blog update]


Copied from a blog post on Deca’s Realm Remaster site:


I feel like bard could have kept energised on a UT minus inspire… Was I the only who thought it would help soften the blow of ic/ooc?


but why? this makes bard even less useful group wise.

What the fuck?


I would encourage everyone to look at both bard PTs and notice how people focused on the removal of inspire, not energized throughout the vast majority of comments (and said comments were also the most supported). At this point there is not even a reason to participate in PTs, Q&As, or leave feedback anywhere because deca does not take it remotely into consideration, they just do what they want with the game and that is made abundantly clear by them never disclosing anything, never talking to us, and most importantly forcing several changes most players don’t want in many cases. I have criticized event culture since 2018 and when I make a post about it in 2020 because it’s the same or arguably worse it gets nearly 600 likes in less than 24 hours, but knowing them they’ll ignore it exactly like they ignored me back then when it got a similar metric of support.

For the players, I would recommend just not engaging with them at all so that they are left as much in the dark as we are so they can start understanding what the problem with their own philosophy is. After suffering through hours of crashes, a ton of random dungeon DCs and etc just so my voice could be heard (and there is no excuses as the realmeye thread was where they said they would be looking on the stream), and not only was it heard by the players (in fact uni even liked my post), but it was well received by them as well, as were many other comments made about it on the post(s). So what is there to even be done? The way I see it it’s a hopeless situation, so we should at least do what we can to screw them over as well, like they have done for us for the past 3 years.


To add onto my first post, I know that things change Or get removed from PTS to Public release, that’s completely understandable. But to remove a feature that was the selling point of the class (whether you hated it or loved it) is disrespectful to the people who liked the class for its unique style, and to those who hated it but wanted improvement.

If they really felt the need to remove energized (which is stupid considering their plans with the new in combat system) then they should’ve added something more substantial in return other than a self boost.

(What I mean by substantial I mean like I don’t know the lute causes enemies in the vicinity to get weakened, perhaps it could’ve created a positive aura around the bard that increased WIS and VIT, hell if you didn’t like any of these ideas Atleast make the defense boost a party thing).

But we will see what happens when release day hits. And if DECA will listen to community feedback, both from the silent majority and loud minority.


Support class
but they decided to remove energized party buff and replace it with self defense buff? !?!


Why did you reply as an alt?


Don’t have access to my main account right now :pensive:


Can we have energized back? Thanks.


Bingo. I would say that Deca half listens.

Honestly the class is borderline useless now.

This is also why I don’t understand when people complain about pets/discords/etc. In the end Deca’s going to come up with a solution that you don’t like.

You complain about inspire (which wasn’t a problem at all but whatever). Deca sees your complaints, decides the class is too powerful, and removes energized.

People who made the thread asking if the bard was necessary should be happy. You killed the class before it even existed.


considering your first reply on that thread was “nothing from this PT session is necessary”, followed by another one that opened with “of course bard isn’t necessary”, I’d assume you’d also fall into that category of “people who killed the class before it even existed”.


Well it truly wasn’t necessary, but it was apparent that Deca planned to add it.

You’re right that I should have been clearer that I supported it (which I did mention in later posts).

It was never my intention to remove energized from bard.

I also said very clearly in the PT thread.

Agreed. I think it’s a good addition.


A self defence buff on a robe-wearing class, no less. Why not just give it leather like a regular bow class at that point?



I guess it’s another class I won’t be playing.

Pretty depressing when you’re upset about new content being released.

This seems to be a sad trend for ROTMG.


Energized was extremely OP for the group, and a contradictory idea that went against In-Combat and the self-supporting half function of a support class, don’t act like there’s no reason they removed it.

The entire point of In-Combat was to dampen the overpoweredness of pets, there shouldn’t be a softening factor to it to begin with, people are disagreeing alot but it just comes across as a sign DECA is willing to push healthy changes even if they’re controversial, a positive thing.


It would have made people less mad about it, wouldn’t it.


Yes, but In-Combat is a necessary addition to improve realm overall regardless of whether people get mad about it or not, there’s no denying the negative impact of pets’ excessive strength on the longevity and quality of it.


While pets have excessive strength, most of the current content is balanced around that excessive strength. I understand that we aren’t removing pets as a whole, but it would make people more equal in that they have the same standard of “mheal” (energised heals as much as a rare pet)


I know we keep going back to this, but how would realm improve with in combat?

At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if a pcave discord popped up lol.


How are these 2 points related? lmao