Experienced Player Looking for ACTIVE GUILD



Hey! Looking for an active guild to join that regularly pops keys.

  • I will be sure to donate some keys, too!
    Characters: 7 8/8’s alive
  • 3.5kbase fame(alive)
    I have a lot of experience in all of the dungeons.
    I play every day whenever I can.
    You can PM me on rotmg : IGN - FangTyson
    or you can PM on discord : Hyoonk#9281 .


You seem spicy, or should I say spoicy? You should join the Spoicy Bois! We are a US server that is top 2 in USMW2, although many of us play on different time zones. We do open whenever we can and many of us are always active.


I do agree with super here, go ahead and check Spoicy Bois out! Hes online rn, if you are looking to join, just dm him or dm me on disc Jakethegu#5001


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