Fame Bonus Idea


I have an idea to help balance the game a little. Currently people can sit in a ptrain for 1-2 hours and earn more fame then someone who would farm dungeons for that 1-2 hours. I propose DECA implements a game bonus for maxed stats. The numbers are rough but here’s what I think would be good:
1/8: 5%
2/8: 10%
3/8: 15%
4/8: 20%
5/8: 30%
6/8: 40%
7/8: 50%
8/8: 60%
This way if you pot a char up that dies at least you get a hefty fame bonus.


I understand you want it to be good, but 60% is probably too much. I think the concept is good, but perhaps just keep it a flat 3-5% per stay maxed.


A bonus 60% fame? I understand the notion, but with most fame bonuses being 25%, that’s a lot.


I say that every new maxed stat adds a 1% fame bonus, leaving 8/8’s with an 8% bonus respectively.

60% is enough to ruin one sales pitch of Rotmg: Pets.

Players who have been around for a long time don’t deserve more than more recent players who are still in a grind crisis because they typically HAVE more.

I like this idea, but the numbers need a definite drop.

Thanks for sharing.


60%? I was thinking 30


Maybe going up by 3% at a time with a maximum of 24% for a 8/8. This feels more reasonable because 60% is way to high


That’s still quite a bit


Then again, you can get 25% fame for not directly drinking any pots from your inv.


good point


Okay, here is a revision the idea of 1-6 is to give you 20% by 6/8 and then you will get 30% at 8/8. If you fame farmed a character to 2000 fame that would take you a really long time, you’d need around 561 to max it. An 8/8 char with the 30% bonus from being maxed and typical bonuses (Oryx Slayer, Accurate Tunnel Rat, and Thirsty) would need to manage 800 fame for a 2000 fame end. That’s not very difficult to manage
1: 3
2: 6
3: 10
4: 13
5: 16
6: 20
7: 25
8: 30


You can edit the original post. Don’t forgwt to mention that this is version 2, and perhaps put version 1 in a details section.


4:13 (May appear random but 4/8 is generally considered a accomplishment so should get the +4 rather then 3/8)

Note: I made exactly one edit. I feel that it makes logical sense because 3/8 isn’t generally considered as hitting a special point while 4/8 is


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