Farming Tutorial Turrets


So I was just trying to get my accuracy higher by doing tutorial turrets. I heard that Deca was going to make getting fame less opaque yet less exploitable. My accuracy went from 60% to 25%. Please say that I’m doing something wrong…


You were using hacks which won’t allow you to hit those structures :slight_smile:


Even I have to like that.



Lol for the hacks comment.

I thought Deca removed the turret is an enemy thing a while ago as it was just too obvious an exploit and an easy fix. Now it’s just a wall so yup, you missed. The practice targets in the guild hall still count but since they disappear it’s not farmable in any way that’s not depressingly tedious.


Agreed! Just make sure you don’t kill them if you’re going for any of the god-killer bonuses.


Practice targets? Fill me in…


Ok, now my accuracy is back up to 53% and I didn’t do a thing. Some one please help…


Go to the guild hall, and you’ll spawn in the south end. Head over to the west wing (haha) and the targets will be there.




Unless they removed in this last patch, turrets does count for accuracy yes.
I’ve been farming fame with suicidal chars for the past week and were doing accuracy on tutorial.


It’s this you have to shoot:


Well, because cheaters with their hacks can forever use sneaky methods to get really high accuracy, the tutorial turrets are actually a “good thing”, because it allows non-cheaters to have a way to get accuracy as well.

Take away the turrets in isolation, and it would be a motivator for people to start using hacks to get their accuracy - which would be a backwards step.


Ok, I know what I have to shoot. Although it seems I am a beggar blue star, I’m actually a red star, check my realmeye. The reason I put up this post is that I wanted to inform you that shooting the turret now will not give accuracy points. I completely agree with your hacking point as it is completely true. What I am surprised with, however, is that my accuracy went to 26% but then immediately went back up to 52%. I presume this is a glitch and I will not get the 50% accuracy reward but it may be just some bug or something. If you have any thoughts, please tell me.


Maybe a bug with your aiming? :stuck_out_tongue:

image image


Here, before doing a minute of turrets,
54 PM
After doing a minute of turrets,
51 PM



I swear, my accuracy went down to 26%. Call me a liar, report me to eyeball, do whatever you want. But I promise you my accuracy went down an hour ago.


What class are you using? Some of them their ability can contribute (eg. wizard does, sorc doesn’t).


Good old knight, first 5/8


hey! my boi jibaba is here! Or whatever your name is


Maybe it was just the mouse drifted so you were missing the hits, or something! Well anyway, glad the worry is over.


Sorry, just a clarification question here:

Are these pictures showing an example of you farming? As in, did this thing where your accuracy went down only occur once, and this is an example of it working?

Am I jibaba?