Favourite in-game sprites?


I feel the same way. In the beginning I, and a lot of the other regulars, liked way more freely. I’m not entirely sure why - maybe we think our likes are worth more now that we’re regulars, and give them out less often? Maybe we’re seen as role models and don’t want to ruin that by liking a meme or something, even though we find it funny? I detest the thought that my thought process for whether I like something or not has been affected by something like the forums ranks.


Wand of the Bulwark <3


well, i know lots of the likes came from people who were only here in the beginning of the forums. I am actually easier to get likes out of, also i think there is a slight population increase from the oct-nov peroid (quite quiet then).

I just like whatever i feel, sometimes a few days after liking, im like “wtf, why did i like that?!”. So mainly depends on my mood.


I love the pruple and black of bulwark, it’s a shame that its drop rate is 1/√-1


love the fancy math forumula.

Wouldn’t it be easier as 1/0?


1/0 in terms of drops means one in zero, which means you can get one without doing anything.
1/SQRT(-1) means one in imaginary. Which is impossible with real numbers.


damn… yeah. your right i think…Blame Canada math…


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Mine is the Cdirk. 2nd place is probably the gemstone.


I’d also go with cdirk as my favorite
but a close second would have to be Snowbound Orbqp4Gmh4


The snowark is my new favourite.

and its shots are nice to see flying around too.


Night Mare

So amazing…



I have a lot



Dirk of Cronus

Has been always my favourite. :3


Am I the only person who thinks the CDirk is just strange looking?


Son of Arachna always tickled my fancy image


All huntress skins.


The thicc white bag, of course.

Also, the Tiger pet.

And just look at this cute little limon sprite skin oWo