Favourite in-game sprites?


What is YOUR favourite in game sprite(s)?

You can comment your favourite sprite, why you like it etc, or even better you can comment your favourite sprite in each sprite category! e.g. Items, skins, and monsters,

My favourite item sprite is probably the Skull of Endless Torment because of it’s simplicity, being a skull with a glow around it, and it’s colour scheme is very warm.

My favourite skin has to be the Death skin (for ninja). This is due to the animations it has being really awesome.

My favourite monster sprite is the Twilight Archmage because of it’s one-colour theme. Not only that, I like it because of its design, it being a very mysterious shrouded figure, which also fits into the shatters a lot, which is an added bonus.

Who's your fave rotmg enemy?
What is your favorite item sprite?
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Favorite weapon is definitely the Dirk of Cronus. Absolutely beautiful. Psst… See my thread here on the buff it should get.



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I love the Orb of Conflict. Menacing af.


Mine Favorite Its Sunshine Shiv,I Love That Sprite <3


I love the Stone Guardians and the Horned Drake. Really nice dynamic posing ;3


True :wink:


I love this sprites


I love White Bag when I see it <3





I see someone misses their sexy dagger.




If wish I could aquire them as a pet…


This one.

My favorite skin in the game



definitely sand phantom wisp

it gives you this sensation of awe, i mean, when you first encounter it, it’s just a yellow pixel, but it’s…more


I mean, Desire Troll is pretty fuckin hot

Seriously though, I love Davy Jones

and the Headless Horseman

and GSphinx

and everyones favorite Vintner of Oryx

Dishonorable mentions go out to Arachna, who looks like it was made by a five year old

And Shaitan, who looks like i have no fucking idea

Theres also some really nice looking skins and pets but I’m a bit too lazy to pick any of those out. The Silver Doe is majestic af though.


Fun fact the white on arachna is its eyes

What are some of the ugliest sprites?
What is your least favorite boss sprite in the game

I always wondered why arachna had two eyes and a big mouth