Favourite in-game sprites?


When you have been farming hundreds of UDLs and finally see this, the feeling is overwhelming. <3

And of course, if YOU are the one who finds this, it gives you a satisfactory feeling of achievement for finding the one crystal in the realm everyone wants to hunt down for. :smiley:


I thought the cremepuff at first was stolen from Tamigachi, I thought it was the poop from the game with little eyes


This is one of the coolest sprites ingame for me besides a whitebag…


Too bad it can’t go past uncommon, or I would use it. Turtles <3


This is you:

This is me:




wow i havent seen most of these posts before. Very intersting, i felt like when the forum just started, each comment had a lot more likes.


My favorite sprite is the totally a white bag thing.


you mean white bag or the fake white bag?


fake white bag check out the realmeye its called totally a white bag


Guy looks like a powerful warlord who will fuck your shit


he really is though XD


Whoaaa! I’ve been looking at it the wrong way this entire time!


Wait. Are those not his eyes? And IS THAT NOT HIS MOUTH? MIND. BLOWN.


I want it back >:[




rip, no one uses insect eggs


the white bag sprite


I know… so sad that you can’t get a perfect pet… hoping that they’ll release insect pet skins so I can get a wasp (hopefully.)


i know right. i look at the replies at the tops and they have so many likes.