First White? [lost, can Deca retrieve it?]


u got your first white bag after 1 year of playing? that is so long dude, also not really sure if deca gonna fix this, its a planewalker find another one


Sorry for your loss, and no they definitely won’t do anything. DECA can’t trust people to be truthful, in fact last time they gave back UTs lost due a server bug they got in so many false reports they didn’t have the time to deal with real support tickets.


I got my first after 2 years of playing, and it was a crystal wand, who was quite useless at the time…


Don’t worry when you are better, you won’t give a crap about losing a plane. :wink:


bruh i got my first white a month after starting rotmg


But yeah, Zquidx got it right no refunds for you :confused:


Well, i think its a good lesson.

Always pick it up first, i remember D/cing right after i picked up a white bag, and i picked it up super fast. I usually leave something in the bag though, so i can take a pic of the bag.


Sorry for your loss… But DECA isn’t going to do anything. And honestly, it’s just a Planewalker. You’ll get another one soon enough.


The good news is that planes are not all that uncommon. You may get another one soon.

When uts became soulbound I bought several of them because I felt it was one of the uts I could not live without. Of course, eventually I started feeding them because they keep dropping.

Some other whites are harder to come by. My first white was a bulwark… And that’s the only one I’ve ever gotten.


Don’t worry I fed an esben skull a resu and a spirit when I was a noob:( I’ve never gotten resu or esben skull again rip


RNGesus: :slight_smile:


Lol I fed the endless torment skull and suicided my necro. A day late update comes out and I kms.


calm down and stop telling him that its only a plane and it’s his first in a year…

  1. i can help u run sprites
  2. deca wont do much for u
  3. whenever i get a white, i pick it up, then yell the shit out of my skype call or discord
  4. gl trying to find another white :slight_smile:


My first ever white bag was a :^)


recently i have been farming for eps and ive gotten 3 planes, then after my wizzie dies i get an ep :wink:


Hey, good thing you didn’t get an ep because it would be gone. Instead, you got a plane package and an ep which you can feed.


You have done 140 sprites.


i also dced my first white :stuck_out_tongue: i remember it exactly
i was at my friends house(i have friend?!!!) and we were all playing rotmg. We ran a pub trench and then i got a whitebag with a ctrap and a mana. when i was dragging the ctrap to my inv, i dced. I hoped it was in my inv but it wasn’t. :frowning: rip ctrap


I did pick it up


thats not including my live chars