Flex Your Sets


I used to have exact set


I’m too bad to flex


What if they took the things like the necro set from Forbidden Jungles and/or the priest set from Manors and gave them a similar-to-STsets but with smaller sprites? I have seen a few flexing those sets in this thread and it made me wonder. Might be a fun idea for PPE/NPE players.
If I was artistic enough I would give it a try but maybe this idea has already been suggested and I missed that thread. Any thoughts or direction?


PPE flex, set flex, AND loot flex.


AND phone flex


gotta flex this nice set


glass sword op

that mana roll is ass tho lmfao


(para hps are a parting gift from ggaod and theres no way im not keeping 'em)


totally not testing


If they have value you’d perhaps want to think about carrying them on different chars to lessen the sads a Rip might bring.


Yin-Yang sets~


1rn rotmgninja


My average set. And my realmeye profile flex https://www.realmeye.com/player/Astrolcool


This picture made me cry. I never got any of those except the QoT reskin.




10k bf? you are like a little baby

/s pls no kick from guild






12.5K base fame? I’m not impressed.


^ My only flex: Fake white star everything else that I could flex is trash