Forum Halloween


Back on the Kabam forums, there was a tradition for a couple of years. Every October, many of the forum regulars would change their avatars and usernames to something Halloween themed (e.g. Lucidly would become Boocidly). Although you can’t change your name on these forums, avatars can still be swapped out! Perhaps we can still keep this fun tradition alive.

For example, I will be changing to Ghostrz for the month. Feel free to alter your avatar in some sort of spooky way to get in the spirit as well. Maybe we can make this a thing again.

Halloween profile pics!
The General Chat Thread

can we change the pentaract eye to a rock dragon eye pls thanks


I’m BoizOnly

Big Boi Supremacy


No longer BLUbeans - Blorange bean is where it’s at :yum:


Aye, looks like some of us didn’t forget about it cough, me


Trof can’t steal our names this time!

We still miss him dearly.


hi issa me Nieghoul







Spooky blobby request


I have spooky avatar but maybe realmeye will change



Most Liked Replys

what if your forum avatar is already named “spook”?


Make a Spookier Spook, of course.


spookier spook achieved


Time for Redero Demon.



som1 make 1 for me pls ;(


Someone should make him a Flying Brain with a Wizard Hat and Staff