Forumer appreciation thread


There are a lot of people I could post here about, but the main one I have been appreciating lately is @Xaklor
Several times now where I have either not been acting the smartest or kindest Xaklor has been patient with me and explained some things to me, not to mention that she is a great mod! Thanks Xaklor!


Shout out to Dbiz
He’s just a really cool guy in general.

@Dbiz next time you’re on, find me and I’ll give you a deca :wink:


So I just realized that 4 days ago was 6 months since my first post. So I just wanted to shoot out a few names of some very special people :smile:

@XBookwyrmX i feel like I’ve had a lot of conversations with you (especially on disc) and it’s just been really fun to get to know you! You always are so kind to me and to other people. I always see you trying to help out people with questions and the like, so just wanted to let you know that that doesn’t go unnoticed!

@GammaGamer I always have kinda seen you as one of the big names on these forums, and enjoy lots of your threads. I always see you making jokes and just being a chill guy :slight_smile:

@LudwiGa well, tbh your posts are some of the funniest posts I read on the forums, though now you aren’t too active I guess.

@JimdaFish I know I’ve said this before a few times, but your ppe thread was the first thread I ever read on these forums awhile ago and ultimately got me to go on these forums I guess, so thanks for having such an amazing thread :wink:

Similar things could be said for so many of you, but these are just a few people that have made a very positive impact on me :blush:


Keep dreaming, buddy. Love you too, though :purple_heart:


i appreciate herb


i appreciate herb too


I also appreciate herb


I also also appreciate herb


i appreciate the heck out of herb


I too appreciate herb


I appreciate uh… pretty much everyone who are/were active during 2021 and 2022.


add me to the herb appreciators



When we see that Herb has been mixed with just the right amount of spice…


I appreciate the most well-known RealmEye forumer, @Charizard.
I’m running this joke into the ground, aren’t I? Getting close to the Crystal Entity by now.


the mad god will know of these transgressions
and no u


i appreciate boombleeb


i appreciate you too mal


i appreciate xak


i also appreciate xak


i also appreciate xak